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Friday Randoms

After a week of thinking way too much, it's time for some random thoughts.

*Willis: Does Madame B. go home from school after her nap?

*Lucia is obsessed with Cinderella and sleeps with her book.  "Cinderelly, Mommy? We watch a movie?  A princess book?  Ask her about it and she'll tell you all about the castle, the broken shoe, the mean cat and the mice.  Oh, and how she wants to go to the castle.  Hmmm...Disneyland in the future for this family?

* All kinds of new vocab happening in my world...bulk heads...flush something....still finding this house building overwhelming, but man, I'm going to love this new place.

*My husband has a moustache that I can't wait for him to shave.  I was rebelling and not shaving my legs, but I only lasted two weeks. How can he stand that thing on his face???!!!

*This weekend brings some awesome things (hopefully one being a moustache-less husband).  I will finally be done my marking spree that has occupied every free moment this week- marks are due on Monday.  I have a movie date for some vampire loving with favourite movie partners and a chance to get Roberto Alomar's autograph and if that doesn't take the cake, I don't know what will....

Have a fab weekend.
Also.  I feel I can't leave you with that last image burned into your minds.  Leave with this one instead:

Wait- I can leave you on an even better note.  Willis wanted to do his part to help his uncles out in their new business venture. Check out the commercial he made them:

Skip 2 from Dee on Vimeo.

*this video doesn't seem to play in the firefox browser. Try Internet Explorer if it's not working for you.


  1. that is an awesome commercial Willis!

  2. It is funny that mustaches were the norm when we were growing up. My dad sported one forever and it suites your dad. Dan ... Not so much ;)


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