3 purple lies

Dear Roberto Alomar,

I was a 14 year old girl with posters of the Blue Jays adorning my walls.  I had collectible mini hats, Blue Jay World Champion Coke Cans, Blue Jay Trolls, mini bats & signed baseballs. Rather than obsessing about whomever the heartthrob was at that time, I dreamed of you.

My love for all things Blue Jay at that point in my life coincided with my obsession with fastball and my love for the game. Ball was my love and most of my friends at that time were on my team.
Never ever ever would 14 year old me think that I would have the chance to get your autograph, let alone introduce you to my equally Blue Jays obsessed son and have a conversation with you.

A couple things surprised me about you: you are kind, pleasant, gracious and easy to talk to. You made an extra effort to make my overly shy boy at ease by calling him over to you and asking him questions. You are also very well dressed. You could have just signed our stuff and brushed us off to the next stalker fan, but instead you showed how genuine you are and somehow, that was not what I was expecting. And maybe that's better because I didn't have a chance to think of things I'd say to you- instead our conversation was real and unrehearsed and I loved it.

There are also things that did not surprise me: you are still deliciously beautiful, so much that I wanted to lick you. Okay, I would never do that but just saying- you are just as dreamy as you were 20 years ago. And you smelled good too.

Having ball in my life has blessed me in many ways. I have lifelong friends from the diamond; friends that still play a huge role in my life today. And a special ball friend who left us far too early. I have a love for a sport that still keeps me active and competitive. I love that my kids can come out to the diamond and see that their mom is not too old to crank that ball and to get around the bases. I love that the love for the game is shared with my family: it is rare not to find a T.V without a Jays game on during ball season at our house or at my parents'. We have also made a couple trips out to to to see some games.

I would definitely say, dearest Roberto Alomar, that you have enriched my life.  Thank you!


  1. That is really cool! I had a big crush on him back in the early 90s too, haha. I am glad to hear that he is a genuinely nice guy :)

  2. Deena! I can't believe you also had a Blue Jays troll! I had mine until a few years ago!!!!


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