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What memories taste like

This week I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia, which I think mostly came from spending a lot of time thinking about my Grandma Diehl and missing her. Maybe it was the quiet nights with husband out of town, giving me plenty of time to think, or perhaps it was the presence of the Christmas tree which becomes so symbolic of everything she valued in life.  A Christmas tree that stayed up year round and definitely forged a love a Christmas in this little girl's soul.

I got very close to making her memory video, but decided I needed more than a 2 hour chunk of time to devote to that in one sitting.  It'll come.  So instead I decided to dig through my recipe drawer and find something to bring her back via my senses.  What better way than with a recipe that was one of my favourites at her house: pizza buns.  This recipe is one of my most cherished possessions as it is scribbled on a note pad by her hand.

I then decided to take this one step further and serve my Grandma Diehl&…

Preparing for the season

I love Christmas, the whole Christmas season....
Wait- I think I've read the Grinch too many times this week already.  Why is it that when I read the book I must take on the diction of the movie as well?
Christmas prep for me this year seems to have started earlier than normal.  Usually I wait until advent which is typically the beginning of December.  Not gonna lie, this year the boxes were out much earlier and the music was blaring.  But that's okay, I don't mind doing the prepping before the actual advent season itself hits, that way I find in a way that I enjoy December much more.  Less worrying about getting this and buying that and presents for this person or that.  My goal this year is to be done my present shopping by the end of this week so that once December hits, I can sit back, relax and really prepare my heart for Christmas.
Christmas to me is about many things, but most importantly its about love, peace and family.

Yes, our tree is up and the tunes have been…

The day I saw them all

When I looked at my schedule on Sunday a part of me sighed. A busy day.  3 events, only 2 that I'd be attending which was enough to make me just want to stay home and cuddle on the couch.  But then I remembered just what these events were:  a breakfast date and a birthday party, all with my favourite friends.  I'm glad I went out because save for a few missing ladies, I managed to see all my favourite girls in one day.  What a great feeling!
In a conversation with Kerri in the am, over colourful waffles and coffee, she hit the feeling right on.  She saidthat the reason her and Chris choose to hang out with us is because she knows we'll take care of them when they're older.
Now this may come out of context (we were laughing at an upcoming birthday of hers) but I think she was so right.  The girls that I surround myself with are kinda like life partners; some of them may even survive the husbands.
You were right, Kerri (must be the age?).....we should pick our friends…

When things work.

Some things in life need to be celebrated and sometimes I find myself overlooking these moments because I'm too focused on my "must dos" or "needs to be improved".  This week I'm looking to change that.
Here are some moments from our week that I think deserve recognition, celebration or a high five in the very least:

Dan: Shaved off his moustache. Enough said.

Lucia: Got her very first, legit hair cut and was a perfect princess in every way.

Willis: Passed his "whale" swimming lessons with flying colours and not only that, gets to move on to level 3, skipping 3 whole levels!  That pool just paid for itself right there.

Me: Staying on a good menu making and workouting regime.  I make my weekly menus on Saturdays, do the grocery shopping on the weekends and have a variety of healthy meals all week so I'm not scrambling.  This is giving me the time to feel organized so I can get that workout in.  An added bonus.

What will you be celebrating this…

Willis, le capitaine

Willis has been on countdown mode ever since he found out that yesterday was his day as the class "capitaine".  He is beyond excited to be able to bring a show and tell, lead the class in the lineup, have a special capitaine chair and who knows what else.  Actually, I'm pretty sure I know ALL about it now as he hasn't stopped yacking.
So we did some major brainstorming for an appropriate and interesting item he could bring for show and tell....
his DS? No way.
Lego? Would likely break.
his blue blanket? Bahahaha, as if.
his dogs? not happening

Finally we came up with an idea of doing a video that would showcase who Willis is.  I had to keep in mind the attention span of kindergartens (which is oddly much like my grade 9s) and with Willis' help, he chose the video clips and the song and voila we have ourselves a piece for show and tell.


Willis capitaine from Dee on Vimeo.

Dear Roberto Alomar,

I was a 14 year old girl with posters of the Blue Jays adorning my walls.  I had collectible mini hats, Blue Jay World Champion Coke Cans, Blue Jay Trolls, mini bats & signed baseballs. Rather than obsessing about whomever the heartthrob was at that time, I dreamed of you.

My love for all things Blue Jay at that point in my life coincided with my obsession with fastball and my love for the game. Ball was my love and most of my friends at that time were on my team.
Never ever ever would 14 year old me think that I would have the chance to get your autograph, let alone introduce you to my equally Blue Jays obsessed son and have a conversation with you.

A couple things surprised me about you: you are kind, pleasant, gracious and easy to talk to. You made an extra effort to make my overly shy boy at ease by calling him over to you and asking him questions. You are also very well dressed. You could have just signed our stuff and brushed us off to the next stalker fan, but instead…

Friday Randoms

After a week of thinking way too much, it's time for some random thoughts.

*Willis: Does Madame B. go home from school after her nap?

*Lucia is obsessed with Cinderella and sleeps with her book.  "Cinderelly, Mommy? We watch a movie?  A princess book?  Ask her about it and she'll tell you all about the castle, the broken shoe, the mean cat and the mice.  Oh, and how she wants to go to the castle.  Hmmm...Disneyland in the future for this family?

* All kinds of new vocab happening in my world...bulk heads...flush something....still finding this house building overwhelming, but man, I'm going to love this new place.

*My husband has a moustache that I can't wait for him to shave.  I was rebelling and not shaving my legs, but I only lasted two weeks. How can he stand that thing on his face???!!!

*This weekend brings some awesome things (hopefully one being a moustache-less husband).  I will finally be done my marking spree that has occupied every free…

The relationships that matter.

A relationship should be 70/30.
I remember Dan's parents mentioning that when we first started dating.  You give 70%, expecting to receive 30%: that is how you make a relationship work.  How's that for listening to the potential inlaws!!!! I should get bonus points.

This week I spent more time putting a priority on my relationship with my husband, which is probably the bond that gets put on the back burner the easiest in this house.  It's crazy how the workings of a relationship can change once you're married, acquired kids and a career.  My how the times have changed.  I would definitely say that back in the day, I would practice that 70/30 mantra.  We were always thinking of ways to make the other smile and it obviously worked for us-hence the marriage, kids so on and so forth.
So our story continues and it may be slightly more neurotic, but it's still a great story and it's worth putting the time in.  We went back to Scrabble and wine dates last night, we…

The kids.

There is a huge difference in my kids' behaviour when they are getting attention and when they aren't.  Same goes with my husband, but that's tomorrow's post.
I think the best yes that I said this week was to my kids.  The phone, the cleaning, the computer work went away and I focused on being present in every moment with them.  Whether it was toboganning, curling up on the couch watching Cinderella, doing crafts or turning them into mini-models for a photo shoot: the kids were the centre of my world, and rightfully so.
I find it so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and it's usually at those moments when I'm the most frustrated or the easiest to irritate. But when I took the time to brush aside everything else except for those little munchkins, I found them easier to deal with.  I had more energy to give them and we all know how much energy, I mean patience, parenting needs.
I may have brought back some technology into my world (more on that later…


There seem to be a lot of people who don't really understand my need to turn everything off and take a break.  To say no.  To re-evaluate.  To chill.
Then again, there are a lot of people that do get it and maybe see the need to take some time themselves.

My week off of everything was just what I wanted and what I needed and I probably could have, should have, would have gone longer.  No blogs, minimal computer time, barely any T.V, limited Cel use. It was awesome.  And if you watched the little video with my last post, you'd understand my why.  Because in the mess of everything, it just seemed that I was losing track of what I had said yes to in my life.  I was filling my life up with all these little things that I had no room left for the most important stuff.

So this week will be a week dedicated to the moments and the things I said yes to, which in turn have rejuvenated me and helped me find that fire deep within me.  I'm going to start with the biggest thing that I s…

Powered down

All things are pointing towards a power down break for me.  I'm at the point of being so overwhelmed by everything that's happening in life that I really feel like I need a break and because we're not about to hop a plan to Miami any day soon, I'm going to take things into my own hands.
I'm going to get back to the basics, like in any sport, right?  Play the game and keep it simple to get the job done.  I need to focus on the essence in my life.  On what I've said "yes" to.  I'm tired of feeling like I never have enough time and am constantly rushing through life.
Here is my game plan:
For the next week, I will:
1) Leave my cell phone in my purse and only look at it in the morning, after work and before bed.  Now this might be difficult because we don't have a landline, so obviously if someone calls me, I'll answer it.  Texting will also be minimal.  My point is that I won't be checking Facebook, Pinterest, the weather, the Blue Jays…

Many thanks

I just want to say thank you again for everyone who said a little prayer for us yesterday.  I have moments where I feel guilty, and like I shouldn't be sharing our journey, knowing that we are still very fortunate to have a healthy, albeit small girl.  Our problems seem very small when you look at the big picture.  But it wouldn't be me if I didn't share my heart with you and I'm very blessed to know that there is much beauty to be found in moments like yesterday

But it's Friday and I want to focus on things that make me smile: Flashback FRIDAY to Novembers of the past!
Let's end this week with laughter and have a fantastic weekend.


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Stress level 19

Disclaimer: I thought about this a lot last night- there are people in my life who have been through much worse. But alas, here we are in my stress level 19 zone: Lucia's growth hormone treatment day.
We are at the hospital- waiting to be admitted.
Lucia keeps saying: mommy, hungry.

It's gonna be a long day but I will try to keep posting updates

8am- still waiting to get into our room. They wanted us here early to get this going early- so much for that. I've already been asked 22 times for a banana by my little monkey.

8:30am- now in OR to get a something something 22. Medical jargon over my head. They have the ultrasound machines here to get the IV in. That's the important part. Lucia is giggly and happy. Dan is Dan. I'm still skeptical with a guard up but will lighten up once this gets rolling, I'm sure

10 am: she's still in OR and happily alseep as multiple people poke her multiple times. My stress level is at 20-on a scale of 10. At one point she had t…