3 purple lies

Things I don't look forward to

That's a tough one.

Normally I would say work, but I'm quite enjoying my job at the moment.  I have great groups of kids who are fun to be around and work hard, so really, I can't complain.  I guess I don't look forward to waking up in the morning, especially now that it's getting dark out.  Beds are so cozy.

I could say working out but that's going really well also.  I have a good variety of classes and runs and have been able to find time in my day to push myself a little.  I may have pushed myself a little too hard at Monday's class and not been able to bend my legs Tuesday- but whatever. It was fun.

I would say kids' hissy fits but I've managed to gain more confidence in dealing with them since the end of summer.  Willis rarely breaks into these fits anymore, and when he does I calmly bring him up to his room, and sit in his room, in front of his door (so he can't get out) until he settles down.  I love watching the way he processes his emotions and I've figured out that he just needs time to deal with things on his own.

I guess the thing that I'm least looking forward to are my kids growing up.  I'm loving this stage right now and I really think I'll miss it when they're older.  I love how much they adore Dan and I and I love the unrelenting hugs and kisses and love we get from them.  I spent yesterday afternoon in Willis' classroom, helping out with Halloween activity centres.  He's growing up so fast and its hard to believe that he's already in the school setting, learning away.

Speaking of growing up, Lucia has her rescheduled growth hormone treatment appointment tomorrow.  Please keep our little doll in your prayers or thoughts.  I'm going to attempt to blog throughout the day tomorrow with updates, so send us some positive energy.

And have a happy Halloween!