Comforting things

There and gone.

I've been quasi-composing this blog in my head all weekend and now that I'm sitting down to write, I really don't feel I'm going to be able to do my thoughts justice.
But I'll try.

This past weekend was our girls' annual getaway in Edmonton.  There were 6 of us this year and I think that is actually our best turnout we've had yet.  Only Alynne was missing as she tended to her sweet baby at home.  We did keep her in the conversations via text, so it did feel like she was there and keeping us entertained, as usual.

I'd say that it was a pretty much perfect weekend, in fact when we were doing our drive home analysis, there wasn't even one detail we would've changed, except for Hudson's being too loud for conversation on Friday night.  Hmmm, may also mean we're getting old....
What made it so grande?  Well, the weather was perfect, the drive was breathtaking (who doesn't love the colours of Saskatchewan in the fall), everybody walked away with a great find (or two. or three) while shopping, the conversations were endless and the uninterrupted sleep was priceless.

I did a lot of listening this weekend (after all with 6 of us there were a lot of voices to be heard). Through all the cacophony of our girls stories, memories, rants and giggles I heard one resounding thing: the need for that precious time with friends.  We may feel guilt for leaving our families but in the end, after that time is spent with girls who have become like family, we leave feeling so much better.  And that can't help but seep into our regularly scheduled daily life.  It's almost like we just had a weekend long therapy session and everybody ends up growing somehow.  It really is something special.

And because there's no way I can do this weekend justice, I will leave you with a few goofy pics.

Have a fantastic week and remember to treasure your friendships.


  1. Looking good ladies! Wish I could have been there! Next year for sure!

  2. Those are the worst pictures ever!!! lol!!


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