Comforting things

So much to be thankful for.

We journeyed back home to P.A for a whirlwind tour to both of our parent's homes.  It was a great visit and left me feeling refreshed.  I also got in two solid visits with old friends (Annie and Ali) and a surprise appearance from my favourite teacher.
We have so much good in our life and are blessed that we can take some time to enjoy the people that surround us.

The people:

who?  Why is it that there are never pictures of me at events, and when there are, I'm doing something stupid?

We spent a lot time playing this weekend and there were many moments that brought back so many wonderful memories of holidays past.

The nostalgia:
Turkey buns were always a favourite between the cousins

This race track was a treat to have out when we were younger

Me, Mme. Matheson and my good friend, Annie. 

8 tracks in the garage makes for good tunes while we play
Playing with Uncle Rob's old lego

Dad and Dan had a heck of time getting the race track out of its hiding place

The next best part of the weekend was the food and because we traveled between two homes, we got 2 turkey dinners.  Each of them were unique and so wonderful.
The food:

And of course, the after turkey must sleep feeling:

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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