Comforting things

photo day

Yesterday morning I laid out Willis' clothing choices for his very first photo day.  I gave him two really cute outfits for him to choose from, in hopes of preventing him from wearing his favourite red Angry Birds shirt with his bright green sweats.  Or another Blue Jay shirt.
He went to bed super excited the night before for "picture day".  He goes to bed very happy lately any night before school, which is such a treat.
When he got up and I informed him that his choices were all laid out, he quickly went to his room to check them out.  A couple minutes later, I didn't see much happening up there, so I peaked in.  Frantically, he was rummaging through his drawers.
Willis, what are you doing? Why aren't you getting dressed for picture day? I inquired.
And then he looks at me with those steel blue eyes, and I'm sure they even twinkled as he said: "Mom, I'm looking for better pants.  I want to look even more handsome."
and sawoooon went my heart.

When he got home from picture day, I asked him how it went.  This is what he showed me:
Lucia wouldn't have anything to do with the camera No picture, Mommy
Kinsey decided she wanted in on the action. 
So we couldn't leave Addy out...but she was too busy having discovered her hands