Comforting things

Out of whack

I've had two weeks now that have pushed me to my max. I'm feeling extremely unbalanced and almost resentful that I've been spending so much time on extra curr and school work. The factors in my life that I care about the most are suffering: I barely saw my kids this week, can't remember what my husband looks like,  haven't had a good chat with Christy in weeks and haven't even been able to keep up with the idle text/chats that usually flutter around the circle of friends. I'm so done.
But really, I'm actually done.  The end is here.

Volleyball season ended Wednesday night with my first coaching kinda win. I'm proud anyway.  Our volleyball team got silver in cities (it was a lot of work to get there) and we lost to the other Holy Cross team in the final.  Can't really be sad about that. Go Crusaders, Go.
Hubby just finished pushing through two stressful/psychotic weeks.
I'm almost caught up in my school work (fingers crossed that this weekend is fruitful for that).

It hasn't been all that bad though.  We've had a busy house with Uncle Josh home for the week and Uncle Rob visiting also.  Both the Uncles get along swell, the kids absolutely adore every minute with them and to be honest with you, I needed the extra help and love around the house.
I love my brother so much and don't get to see him that often.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate the effort he puts into coming down and spending time with Kyla and I and even more importantly his nephew and nieces.  He has a great relationship with the kids which really only exists because of the work he puts into it:  Skype, phone calls, visits as often and as long as possible- he truly is a great role model for our children.  It reminds me in fact, of one of my Grandma Diehl's philosophies.  Shortly after her death I reread her memory book and was touched when I read about her belief in the necessity of spending lots of time (she was specific to 3 week visits) with children in order to forge a relationship with them.  I know she would be glad to see that that value is being passed on in our family.

Even when slightly neurotic, life is so good and I'm one grateful momma to have the love and support of family and friends to remind me of that constant goodness in our lives.

Two lego obsessed boys playing away
My favourite thing this week was our nightly family suppers.  I heart Hot Wok.
Willis led the girls in a great pretend game of "Let's go to school".  It was neat to see him walk them through his make believe day.  They were mostly pumped to ride the fake school bus.
While manning the Skipthedishes orders, Uncle Josh still lost to Willis in a nightly battle of UNO, another  one of Will's faves.
Lucia and I got a great date in on Thursday afternoon with McDonald's, Kindermusik and some shopping. 

In everything, there is beauty.
Have a fab weekend.