3 purple lies

Oh, the madness.

So I guess if those texts don't sum up our day yesterday, then I might as well elaborate.

Yesterday was our retest; the day we had to bring Lucia back to the hospital for her growth hormone stimulation testing.
For my faithful readers, you may remember back in August when we went for the initial test which basically consisted of Lucia being poked to hell with IVs until they realized they weren't going to find the vein without an ultrasound machine.  Said machine wasn't available until an hour later and because by that point my daughter wouldn't stop screaming, we decided to reschedule and book the machine for yesterday.

I had way more anxiety leading up to the test this time, most likely because I got a nasty taste of it the previous time.  Lucia has to fast from 10 pm the night before until the test of over. That's not until likely 3pm THE NEXT DAY. Really? Do they want to make it even more difficult for her and us?
Lucia LOVES breakfast.  It is the one meal that she eats seconds fifths of.  That was a big stresser for me.  Pair that with the thought of poking and prodding my little girl again and I've had a couple days of built of tension in my lower back, a sour mood and the wantiness to just curl up in the closet and cry.  Likely surrounded by shoes.

Lucia, as per usual, was her bubbly, beautiful self in the morning.  She asked about breakfast a couple of times, but I distracted her.  We arrived at RUH for 8am, and was up in the Medical Day Care for 8:15, ready and raring to go.  There were two fantastic nurses assigned to us which made things that much more pleasant.  Except until they realized that nobody had booked the ultrasound machine.  And that nobody would be able to come until the afternoon.
And that is when I almost lost it and considering the fact that both Dan and I had taken days off of work for this, rearranged our schedules and got people to cover for us...I should have.
But I couldn't.
I didn't even know who to be mad at.  It was a miscommunication and the nurses were nothing but kind-hearted, remorseful and sympathetic.  So we took a deep breath, dazzled Lucia with her breakfast (of course I still packed one, knowing I'd likely slip her something, sometime) and promised her yet another trip for pancakes.

Then I textvented.  And that made me feel better.
In the end we had to re-reschedule and now have a machine booked and another date confirmed in November.
So until then, I shall have some peace.

“though she may be but little, she is fierce!”


  1. Oh Deena I feel for you. Just having Holden in the two times for his eye surgeries was bad... he too LOVES breakfast. I say a little prayer for your little dolly often...hoping that everything is going to work out positively in the end. Keep us posted and I hope you enjoy a big glass of wine.


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