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My kids are amazing! Confessions of a unashamed to admit it mom.

There's a slow and perhaps unnoticeable progression happening in our home: our kids are growing up.  
They are both evolving so much every day and I feel so fortunate that I get to witness it firsthand.  So lucky in fact, that I sometimes feel sad for the family that doesn't get to observe this change. Little people and personalities are being formed right here!  in this house! and I think my kids are really shouldn't everybody be as excited as me???!!!!  I'm lucky that most of my friends are moms, so at least we can share with as much zest and zeal as we want, without feeling judged.

Anyway...that wasn't where I was caught up in my inner dialogue..

I was rocking Willis to sleep last night (long story) and almost had to stop because I couldn't stop sobbing.  He's so big.  He's so heavy.  He speaks two languages.  He has hair on his legs, a lot in fact.  He showers at night.  He can ride a bus without me beside him.....I can't believe how fast 5 years have gone.  Sometimes I feel like I just want to dig my heels in and slow down this process.  I want to soak it all up before it slips away from me.

They are changing.  It's inevitable.

No longer do they demand my attention 154% of the time.  Instead we've fallen into this new rhythm that sees them playing together after school.  Together!  Imagine that!  And not just together as in the same room together, but collaborating in their imaginative play.   They share, they giggle, they scheme, they squabble.  But they do this together and it's a new treat for me to sit back, watch and enjoy.  I guess this is one of the benefits of moving away from the baby stages?  This independence, although scary (for me, clearly) gives me time to focus all my energy on guiding them and appreciating them instead of basically functioning for them.  I don't even get company in the bathroom anymore.  

When I think of my favourite thing to do during the day- it is definitely becoming the before supper hour when I observe their play.  (Previously called the witching hour.  Man, have I mentioned that kids change?) Nothing brings me so much joy, pride and love.  Being a mom is a tough job- you have to sacrifice a lot- relationships, career, sanity, and it's not going to earn you any money and doesn't get much recognition but man, the rewards are endless. This is long term savings for me.  This is what being a servant to others really is.  There is nothing more fulfilling in everything I do than when I can hold my kids in my arms and rock them to sleep- knowing that they feel safe and loved.  Best feeling ever.

How are my kids changing, specifically, you ask?

Well, Lucia is almost two and a half but looks like a one year old.  Until she opens her mouth and talks incessantly, that is.  Or bats her beautiful big brown eyes and captures your heart. She is a fire cracker and a giggly little spirit once she opens up to you.  One of the biggest changes I've seen in her recently is her openness.  I no longer dread getting a babysitter- she'll actually go to someone else.  She has also acquired new friends at daycare and will ramble on about her day. Jenna and Taylor and Maya and Di-Nan and Dean....She has the funniest vocabulary.  My favourites right now are : Mom, that is pity awesome or This is really num (yummy).  If you've heard Lucia speak, she has a cute little voice that matches her size perfectly and sometimes sounds Italian.  
Like her brother, she gets so goofy when she is showered in attention.  Just last night Uncle Chris came over and the kids wouldn't stop twisting, dancing, running, hugging, jumping and showing off for him.  Very cute.

Willis on the other hand is still cute but more grownuppy.  He is still a sponge for school.  I love picking him up and hearing everything he has learned and his tall tales of fun.  He is very expressive, especially in his eyes and has the funniest sayings.  Mom, we're not cheering for the Yankees because we sick of them.  Well, either he has cute sayings or he has is a great listener with a superb memory.  He assumes the big boy role around the house much more often and is usually quite pleased with himself.  He's the type of kid who takes direction very well and follows through with the plan of attack.

My kids are great.  It's a fact.  They make me happy, they push me to my limits and force me to  look at life in a different perspective.  After all, isn't it when we drop all inhibitions, all doubts, all worries, all problems and really see the world through the eyes of a child, that we find the most joy?


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