Comforting things

Laid back...

Why do I automatically sing "with my mind on my money and my money on my mind" when I read that title? Good ol' Snoop.

Although it really feels like I did absolutely nothing this weekend, I'm sure I accomplished at least something.

I had an impromptu supper with my girlfriends, which happened to be Kyla's first night out since being sucked into the baby vortex (great analogy, Carm).  And I may be biased because she's my sister and I happen to like her, but I think she looks great and is doing great.  Fantastic conversations with these ladies is always like manna for my soul. The white chocolate brownie helps too.
I came home to a very sweet husband who had put out a treasure hunt of cards around the house which took me from bouquet to bouquet which were accompanied by thoughtful cards.  When he does sweet things like that, it makes me want to take my side of the relationship up a notch. Which then lead me to do a lot of reflecting over the weekend on the relationships in my life. More to come later this week on's a big one.

We spent a lot of time this weekend over at Kyla and Robbie's because we had two open houses and needed to vacate the premise.  So grateful that they are willing to put up with us for afternoons of crazy chaotic fun.  I love seeing our kids play together but mostly I love the closeness we have developed with them.    Also grateful that they were willing to put up with a sick, miserable me yesterday. Ugh. Worst I've felt in years.  I even had to miss our swimming date this morning with all the families.

The kids' newest obsession: lego.  Love that they can sit for hours minutes and build away!
It was a laid back weekend indeed, but sometimes that is needed in order to take a break from the busy-ness of life and to really get a chance to reflect on the good that surrounds you. If you don't ever stop to look around and appreciate what you have, then what's the point?  Why do we even do the things we do if we can't enjoy them?
Have a fantastic Monday.