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House update

We were pleasantly surprised on our drive home to P.A this past weekend to see some awesome progress at our house!  Now it seems real and it was super neat to be able to walk around in the future rooms, although they felt like a play house.  Must be the building stage.
Willis and Lucia were also excited to see where their future bedrooms would be, me more so for my shoe hide away...which sadly is smaller than I envisioned. Ah well....there's always renovations. JK.
Best part of the whole thing?  Being higher up and seeing the views we'll have from the massive windows.
view from entry into great room.  I love that the windows dwarf Dan.
Willis is running towards the future garage.
From the back.  Lucia kept pointing to "her" bedroom.  There may be a fight.
Transition from great room to our bedroom. LOVE the views.
The closet....not as big as I had hoped :(
Kitchen/Great room.


  1. Yay! So excited for you, the windows looks amazing!!


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