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Things I don't look forward to

That's a tough one.

Normally I would say work, but I'm quite enjoying my job at the moment.  I have great groups of kids who are fun to be around and work hard, so really, I can't complain.  I guess I don't look forward to waking up in the morning, especially now that it's getting dark out.  Beds are so cozy.

I could say working out but that's going really well also.  I have a good variety of classes and runs and have been able to find time in my day to push myself a little.  I may have pushed myself a little too hard at Monday's class and not been able to bend my legs Tuesday- but whatever. It was fun.

I would say kids' hissy fits but I've managed to gain more confidence in dealing with them since the end of summer.  Willis rarely breaks into these fits anymore, and when he does I calmly bring him up to his room, and sit in his room, in front of his door (so he can't get out) until he settles down.  I love watching the way he processes his emo…

The things I look forward to...

The weekend is quickly becoming...wait, has always been the part of the week I look forward to the most.  I love having that time at home with my family to catch up, have some down time and relax.  Another part of the weekend that I really look forward to is the drive out to our house to see how it's coming along.  Although it doesn't seem to be going as quickly as I would hope, there have been some great changes in the structure....almost all of the roof!  Also all the doors/windows are sitting in the garage, ready to go. Can't wait to see how that changes the look.

While not much has happened on the outside, we've been spending a considerable amount of time picking out the fixings for the interior of the house.  Here is what we have so far:

Cream cabinets with walnut accents.  It's tough to see the colour sample of the cabinets (it's sitting up against the walnut island) but it is sticking pretty close to my original inspiration:

We are also pretty much done…

Out of whack

I've had two weeks now that have pushed me to my max. I'm feeling extremely unbalanced and almost resentful that I've been spending so much time on extra curr and school work. The factors in my life that I care about the most are suffering: I barely saw my kids this week, can't remember what my husband looks like,  haven't had a good chat with Christy in weeks and haven't even been able to keep up with the idle text/chats that usually flutter around the circle of friends. I'm so done.
But really, I'm actually done.  The end is here.

Volleyball season ended Wednesday night with my first coaching kinda win. I'm proud anyway.  Our volleyball team got silver in cities (it was a lot of work to get there) and we lost to the other Holy Cross team in the final.  Can't really be sad about that. Go Crusaders, Go.
Hubby just finished pushing through two stressful/psychotic weeks.
I'm almost caught up in my school work (fingers crossed that this weeke…

photo day

Yesterday morning I laid out Willis' clothing choices for his very first photo day.  I gave him two really cute outfits for him to choose from, in hopes of preventing him from wearing his favourite red Angry Birds shirt with his bright green sweats.  Or another Blue Jay shirt.
He went to bed super excited the night before for "picture day".  He goes to bed very happy lately any night before school, which is such a treat.
When he got up and I informed him that his choices were all laid out, he quickly went to his room to check them out.  A couple minutes later, I didn't see much happening up there, so I peaked in.  Frantically, he was rummaging through his drawers.
Willis, what are you doing? Why aren't you getting dressed for picture day? I inquired.
And then he looks at me with those steel blue eyes, and I'm sure they even twinkled as he said: "Mom, I'm looking for better pants.  I want to look even more handsome."
and sawoooon went my heart.

Laid back...

Why do I automatically sing "with my mind on my money and my money on my mind" when I read that title? Good ol' Snoop.

Although it really feels like I did absolutely nothing this weekend, I'm sure I accomplished at least something.

I had an impromptu supper with my girlfriends, which happened to be Kyla's first night out since being sucked into the baby vortex (great analogy, Carm).  And I may be biased because she's my sister and I happen to like her, but I think she looks great and is doing great.  Fantastic conversations with these ladies is always like manna for my soul. The white chocolate brownie helps too.
I came home to a very sweet husband who had put out a treasure hunt of cards around the house which took me from bouquet to bouquet which were accompanied by thoughtful cards.  When he does sweet things like that, it makes me want to take my side of the relationship up a notch. Which then lead me to do a lot of reflecting over the weekend on the re…

this and that

So, I'm pretty sure both of my kids learned to read over the past two days, then read my blog from Wednesday and upon having read it, decided to really mess with me and do everything opposite from what I just raved about.
WOW. Like I said, kids change.  Sometimes over night.
That being said, I think I've been handling their spontaneous crazy quite well.  I feel more level headed and confidant that I can deal with it and that this too shall pass.  Because likely tomorrow, it'll be a whole different story with it's own problems and successes.  'Tis the way we roll over here.
To end off the weekend with a bang, here's a little ditty I put together showcasing both my monkeys at 2.5 years old. Have a splenderrific weekend.

cute kids from Dee on Vimeo.

My kids are amazing! Confessions of a unashamed to admit it mom.

There's a slow and perhaps unnoticeable progression happening in our home: our kids are growing up.  
They are both evolving so much every day and I feel so fortunate that I get to witness it firsthand.  So lucky in fact, that I sometimes feel sad for the family that doesn't get to observe this change. Little people and personalities are being formed right here!  in this house! and I think my kids are really shouldn't everybody be as excited as me???!!!!  I'm lucky that most of my friends are moms, so at least we can share with as much zest and zeal as we want, without feeling judged.

Anyway...that wasn't where I was caught up in my inner dialogue..

I was rocking Willis to sleep last night (long story) and almost had to stop because I couldn't stop sobbing.  He's so big.  He's so heavy.  He speaks two languages.  He has hair on his legs, a lot in fact.  He showers at night.  He can ride a bus without me beside him.....I can…

Fall weekend

What a beautiful fall weekend to spend some time with great friends!
Our supper/brunch/girls' night club got together on a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning for brunch.  There are WAY more kids energy than when we began 6ish years ago,  but I love it.  I love these ladies, their husbands and their kids and feel very fortunate to be able to call them friends.
I really needed yesterday's visit to get me back into the "supermomma" mind frame.  I've been feeling pretty down for the past couple of days, I think that the emotional exhaustion from our failed Thursday treatment caught up with me.  Being with these ladies makes me feel good about myself.  They are so very comforting, reassuring and uplifting.  We have common values and similar parenting styles so its hard not to feed off of each other.
I think it is so important that we have people in our life like that:  people who can bring us up, without even knowing it, when we're feeling down.

Oh, the madness.

So I guess if those texts don't sum up our day yesterday, then I might as well elaborate.

Yesterday was our retest; the day we had to bring Lucia back to the hospital for her growth hormone stimulation testing.
For my faithful readers, you may remember back in August when we went for the initial test which basically consisted of Lucia being poked to hell with IVs until they realized they weren't going to find the vein without an ultrasound machine.  Said machine wasn't available until an hour later and because by that point my daughter wouldn't stop screaming, we decided to reschedule and book the machine for yesterday.

I had way more anxiety leading up to the test this time, most likely because I got a nasty taste of it the previous time.  Lucia has to fast from 10 pm the night before until the test of over. That's not until likely 3pm THE NEXT DAY. Really? Do they want to make it even more difficult for her and us?
Lucia LOVES breakfast.  It is the one meal that she…

House update

We were pleasantly surprised on our drive home to P.A this past weekend to see some awesome progress at our house!  Now it seems real and it was super neat to be able to walk around in the future rooms, although they felt like a play house.  Must be the building stage.
Willis and Lucia were also excited to see where their future bedrooms would be, me more so for my shoe hide away...which sadly is smaller than I envisioned. Ah well....there's always renovations. JK.
Best part of the whole thing?  Being higher up and seeing the views we'll have from the massive windows.