3 purple lies

You are missing out

I don't know why this book isn't in the hands of all my students and why we don't have more than one copy in our school library.  Have you heard of the Divergent trilogy?  You've likely seen it in Costco or Walmart, but still, there are so few people who have read it and I recommend it every day to my students.
I devoured Divergent and the second book, Insurgent in a matter of days last week.  The third comes out in the fall of 2013, I can hardly wait.
 Jordan had recommended it to me awhile ago and I was a little hesitant.  Sci-fi is not my fave, but I have gotten braver.  She was actually reading it on our trip to Toronto in April and she could barely put it down.  So when I saw it at Costco, I bought both and shelved them for the summer.  Kyla and Robbie both read the series before me because I was being a slowpoke, in fact, I think Kyla may have even read it twice.   She also loved it.  My teacher friend, Monique who really got me reading in University (for fun, not for studies) when she worked at Chapters, loved it.  The comment I hear from most people is: like the Hunger Games, but better.
I agree.
What's it about you say?  Well, a dystopian society where the people are divided into groups, or factions, based on a value that they live by: knowledge, debate, altruism, peace, bravery....and obviously the problems that they face.  I would describe it more, but I'd rather you just trust me and read it.  Really, I think you'll love it.

Have a fantastic fall weekend! Get out and enjoy the sun and read Divergent.  Pair it with a nonfat, half sweet Pumpkin Spice Latte and you've got yourself perfection, if you ask me.