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I'm not gonna lie, as stressful as this whole prepping our house for sale has been, there have been parts that have been quite enjoyable.  Like throwing away boxloads of stuff.  I think Kyla was beyond shocked when she ventured into the basement to see how much stuff I hadn't really touched since we moved here.  There was a lot of "why do you still have this" happening.
Also- I am thrilled beyond belief to have a reason to keep the house in tip top shape.  I love that it has to remain clean for potential visits.  Muahahah. The cleaning God has won.

As for our future home, they are currently pouring the basement with the framers ready and raring to go.  I've been putting in tons of hours trying to visualize what this house would look like and I have to say that the website/app houzz has been HUGE in giving me ideas.  So, without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to our main floor.

Now these are just ideas, nothing has been set in stone yet....which is good because I keep changing my mind.  But the things that seem to be reoccurring for the main floor are greens for walls, rustic brown flooring, dark trim and dark wood doors, a light, bright mudroom, blue and grey tones for the master bedroom and bathroom and then something bright and cheery for the walk in closet.  And yes, the numbers aren't skewed, the walk in closet is the size of my current bedroom.  MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA.
We've also gone back to our original plan which has a custom shower, so the bathroom layout on this one is wrong, but you kinda get the picture.
Thoughts? Ideas? I LOVE other people's suggestions and definitely have some time before I go out and actually pick the final products.
Would love some feedback.


  1. I love the MUHAHAHAHAHA! I think you have this design business completely under control!

  2. Looks gorgeous, can't wait to see the end result!

  3. Looks fabulous Deena!!! What about 'lockers' in the mud room??? Just an idea...


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