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The day everything changes.

Today is the day that my little boy takes that big step into the world of learning.
Today he officially joins the life long learners club, and I'm sure he'll wear that badge with pride, enthusiasm and a relentless thirst for knowledge.
Infinitum quaerendum scientiam
We've been talking this day up for days, months and maybe even years.  He's been counting down the sleeps  and practicing his few phrases in french.  I want him to be excited and  I want him to know how important school is.  As you can see, starting kindergarten around our house is a pretty big deal and we're going to give this event the celebration it deserves.

For him, a world of opportunity opens its doors today.  He'll meet friends who will likely be a part of his life for many, many years and be hugely influential on the type of boy/adolescent/man he becomes. I did, afterall, meet my BFF on my first day of kindergarten when she asked if I wanted to play blocks with her.  He will discover new interests in the different subjects he studies, he will be inspired by teachers he meets or learn to live and work with those who don't.
Yes, we have great expectations for our little man.  Of course we do, as it's natural to hope for the best for your children.  I have seen far too many kids struggle with school or fall between the cracks and it is very clear to me the power a parent has in their support of education.  And that is exactly what we'll do.

For me, today marks the end of a chapter and a transition into the next phase of parenting.  We are now entering a world of science fairs, art projects, learn to read books, new languages, music, math problems and much, much more.  When Willis hops on his school bus this morning, I will sadly, yet proudly be waving good-bye to my sweet little baby.  To the boy who clung to my leg in new situations, who cuddles his blue blanket on the couch, who loves to play ball indoors.  It's a bittersweet moment for any parent and I can't help but find myself a tad reflective as our man takes his brave and scary step out of our arms and into the welcoming arms of the teachers we trust so much.

Good luck, Willis, I can't wait to pick you up and hear all about your big day!
to be updated tomorrow with pictures and tall tales....


  1. Have a wonderful first day of school, Willis! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Happy First Day of School Willis!

  3. I am so excited to hear how his first day went and see what he wore! You and Dan have done a wonderful job With Willis. Teaching him great values and helping him to become just an overall nice kid. These values will let him shine today and for years to come!


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