3 purple lies


Although I'm not feeling super refreshed from a weekend, I am feeling great having been crazy productive.  Mom and Dad came up to help us out with our kids while we got our yard into tip top selling shape, but they ended up doing much of the work, gotta love them.
I think I'm finally at the point where the house can not get any better and now except for the odd packing job, we'll just be keeping it tidy in the hopes of an onslaught of showings and quick sale.
It wasn't all work this weekend though, I did get some time to go for fondue with some good friends which  was a nice break.  And even in the madness of our clean, we did take some time out to enjoy the weather and headed to the Berry Barn with the entire family- and it was beautiful.
I guess when it comes down to it- balance is necessary.  Work a little, play a little, fraternize with those you love and get some time for you in order to truly live the good life.
Have a great week! Here's our weekend in photos: