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Let's just start this off by saying that although I have high expectations for my son's schooling, I do realize that things never go as planned.  It would either be a great thing, or another painful transition to endure.  With questions like : Mom, don't you want me during the day anymore? I knew that I had to prepare myself for my son not liking school. Granted, he is the kid that also, within the past two days has asked me:

Why did Jesus get nails in his hands?
Can we fly in heaven?  
What if I can't find my family there?
Why don't I have boobs?
Does Lucia have a weiner too?

Kids are random, unpredictable little monkeys.  I knew that Willis' first day yesterday was up in the air and could come down as anything.  And man, did the gods know I needed something in my favour, because it could not have been more of a success!

Sunday night he slyly made his way into bed with Dan and I around 11, "claiming" to have a sore arm.  He was WIDE awake and needed some snuggles.  Mom, I'm SO excited. The boy had the first day jitters, just like his momma did last week.  So I happily cuddled him all night (that's probably one of my favourite treats-even if he kicks).  In the morning he awoke with an eager smile and the first thing he said was I'm going to kindergarten today!  I love the enthusiasm.  He was typical Willis when Willis gets excited for something: jumping up and down, clenching his muscles.  I can't even describe it, it's too cute and too him.  So we got ready, we ate our breakfast and off we went to daycare while Dan stayed back with Lucia to bring her to her first gymnastics class.  Of course we had to snap a couple first day of school pictures.....
Of course the kid chose his Jays shirt....I did give him the option of Bautista or Lawrie.  He chose Lawrie.

From daycare Willis would take the bus with a couple other kids going to his school.  I had to teach at the time he boards the bus, so sadly I couldn't see that moment, but I did call the daycare provider right after first period to get the scoop.  She said she watched him hop on the bus and then kinda saunter down the aisle, unsure of where to sit.  She could see the bus driver and some of his friends telling him where to sit and was sure it all got sorted out.  And that it did, because the next time I saw him was after school when Lucia and I went to pick him up.
We arrived early (because I'm normally early for early and this was not a moment I wanted to miss)...I waited until it was appropriate to go in the school and slowly made my way to his class.  Willis popped his head out right away and was eager to tell me all about his day.  But first I introduced myself to his teacher and asked how he was.  She said he looked a bit scared/about to cry when he first came off the bus, but once he got to her and in the class, he had an excellent day. (Music to my ears, bonus points for teacher)

So we went home and he excitedly told me random facts about the day:
We are the only class with our own bathroom.
I ate three times.  I didn't have my yogurt.
I played outside three times.
There's a bell to go out and a bell to go in.
So and So is only 4 years old.  I'm 5.
I get to go to school again tomorrow!
They're all called Madames!
My bus is black.
The playground is huge.
I learned new words.  
And he also taught us, repeatedly his new words.  Poor Uncle Josh was stuck in a debut, assieds routine for a good 5 minutes.  He definitely won't have to exercise tonight, that counts as lunges, right?

To say his first day was a success would almost be an understatement.  When he can call Nana and Papa and skype Grandma and Grandpa and I don't have to prompt him for conversation, you know he's happy.  When he tells me he can't wait to go school tomorrow, well then not only is the boy happy, but this momma is beyond gleeful.

Other things that made me smile today?  Well, the texts from friends checking in on him, (or on me), the note left by Uncle Josh for Willis:

and a thoughtful message from a teacher friend at the same school Willis is at:

Did J come and talk to you?  I texted her to tell her to go see you and say that I talked to Willis and that he was having fun playing in the sand!!!  He is such a sweetie!!!!  I saw him at last recess too and he said that his favorite thing was playing outside.  I told him I was his mom’s friend! J  It will be fun to have him here!

And so the journey begins and I am so relieved and happy to see that we're starting off on the right foot. 


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