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I mentioned earlier this week that we have a new addition in our house, well in our basement to be more precise and when I say addition what I really mean is a built in babysitter or kids energy user, or something like that.  That's right, Uncle Joshy, affectionately coined by the kids, is ours for the time being!

What you need to know is that Uncle Josh was out globetrotting for a couple years; working here, interning there, so on and so forth.  I would love to see his resumĂ© from all his adventures because he covered some ground.  And seriously, we thought he was never coming back when he had settled in London, England to do his banking thing.   Skype filled the void and daydreams of trips out to see him, but that's never the same.

Eventually, things would work out in our favour when he started dreaming up a start up company.  And if you know the Simairs, you know they have vivid imaginations and tons of success in what they set out to do (but that's another post).  So Josh packed up, moved back home with plans on creating a company that would cater to online ordering.  Et voilĂ , was born.  With the computer genius of the other brother, Chris,  the boys teamed up and over the course of the past 12+ months, we've watched this grow from an idea to a legit, you can order right now, company.  Quite fascinating.  I have mostly enjoyed the pow-wows that have taken place at our house as the two younger Simairs bounce ideas off of their bright (and may I add) dashingly handsome older brother. I love seeing Dan with his brothers- they are so similar and what is even crazier is that they all chose women who are very much the same!  Weird.

Back to the important part, which officially launched yesterday with over 20 restaurants from which you can order.  No longer do you have to frantically search for that outdated menu or remember where you stashed your phone book or google the bejeebus out of restaurants that deliver in Saskatoon.  Nope, instead all you have to do is pop over to, choose the flavour of your day, the pickup or delivery time, the method of payment and BAM! the next thing you know you are enjoying a meal without even having to clean up after yourself.  And it is seriously user friendly, in fact, Josh had Willis ordering from it the other day.
I have to say, as a busy mom, this has been a hit for me, not only because no longer do I have to waste time searching out the info but I have a bunch of places to choose from that I would never get to because of the kid factor.  It has been a success in our house each and every time we've used it.  And Josh didn't even have to pay me to say that.

So this weekend, when you can't come up with anything to eat or you forgot to take out that roast, why not give a try and treat yourself to the break you so deserve!

Also- in case you missed Josh on News Talk Radio yesterday, here is the link for the interview he did with Richard Brown.  I am so proud of Josh and even happier to have him back in our daily lives!


  1. What a great idea! I just told my sister about it, and she will probably be telling all her Saskatoon friends about it. I wish restaurant delivery would/could be 1 hour north of Saskatoon! I would totally use skipthedishes!
    Shelley F.


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