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A breather

Today is the much anticipated, greatly talked about and seriously needed day that I take off to Edmonton for the annual trip with the girls.  This is actually the first time that we return to Edmonton from a two year break because of les bébés.  Lucia accompanied us to Calgary 2 years ago and Amelia did last year.  This year it is 10000% sans kids.
Note: they will be missed and thought about and talked about all the time.
But these Mommas need to get away.  We need to invest some time into our very important relationships: with each other.
Friends are gold.  And like all relationships in life, whether it is with our husbands, our kids, our parents, our siblings, our work friends...time is required.  You can only give so much before a relationship bites the big one because they are very much a two way street.  And that's what this weekend is about for us (and the obvious shopping).  It's about giving time to the women who grew up next to you and have become more like sisters.  It's about taking the time away from our schedules and eliminating the distances between us, whether it's physical or emotional.
Because really, all it takes is one weekend for us to all get back on the same page and to laugh 20 years off of our mental ages.
I can't wait.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Have a blast! Can't wait to see the video ;-)


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