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Willis turns 5

I spent a lot of time this weekend remembering.
Remembering how much life can change when you are blessed with a little one.  No one can really prepare you for the upheaval that happens in your life.  Everything changes.  Priorities, routine, sanity, values...it's crazy.
Our first blessing came 5 years ago today when our sweet Willis Jules was born.

It was a long birth weekend for us, (but mostly me, duh-but let's not get into that), but in an instant he came out all wrinkly and cute and we fell madly in love.
We also instantly became parents and wow, is that a learning curve.  How we have changed!
And as I normally do when I'm feeling particularly reflective, I dig out old videos, old pictures, old journals and sit back to be drawn back in time.
I never want to forget that moment when he was born and how joyful it felt. (not physically, obvs)
But really, nothing can compare to those moments when you introduce a new member of the family to the people you love most.
So I watched last year's video and then I looked for the year's before (but then got distracted with a cake I had to make and didn't find them).

willis is 4 from Dee on Vimeo.

And then I sat down, newly inspired to make a video recollection that somehow encompasses what Willis has done this year.  (not going to lie, I often find it hard to come up with new ideas for videos).  So this year's video is rather simple: a look into how he's grown.  And although you really can't tell physically how a year can change him, it is astounding to see the leaps and bounds he's come mentally, emotionally......
This boy is ever changing and if I said he wasn't a challenge, I'd be lying.  We have our moments.  But we're learning and he's constantly keeping us on our toes but we keep coming back at him: pushing him when he needs a challenge, embracing him when he needs love, comforting him when he's hurt and teaching him when he needs to learn.
Because we love him and that's what you do when you're a parent.

Happy 5th birthday, sweet Willis.

Willis5 from Dee on Vimeo.