3 purple lies

whirlwind of a weekend!

I had one of those weekend that could have used a clone of myself.  SO much happening.

Number one: we welcomed a new little girl into our world: Adelyn Dawn was born on Friday night after a very long day for Ky & Rob.  I must add that it was a very long day for me too, it's stressful waiting by the phone for that call that changes your world in such a wonderful way.  I was so excited to share the news with my friends that my texting skills were put to work!  An added bonus to the weekend was having Kinsey with us while they were in the hospital.  We got some serious Aunty/Kinsey bonding time in and I even got some cuddles (usually those are saved for Uncle Dan or Willis).  I can't wait to spend some more time snuggling with a fresh newborn!

Number two: My favourite Belge (do we say that in English? My favourite Belgian sounds weird. Like she should be a waffle. I like french better)  Anyway, Val and I took the kids to the Ex on Friday.  Way too hot. Way too busy.  But the kids loved it, but mostly they loved some more time with their Aunty Val before she heads back to London.

Number three: Birthday celebrations!  My wonderful inlaws came in on Sunday to spend some time with Willis as they weren't around on his bday.  They took in the batting cages and Willis got his very own batting helmet.  I know that will be put to use!  Willis adores his Nana and Papa and was literally counting down the hours until they arrived!  We also had an engagement at Amelia's 1st bday party.  It was a busy day, but a busy day spent in the company of family and friends is just dandy in my books!

Number four: Bye-bye Valérie :(.  We got together to have supper to celebrate Val.  She leaves on Wednesday and it was great to sit and visit with her and Marina.  Marina has had 0 free hours since she started interning, so that was an added bonus to my night.  I love catching up with them, swapping BrothersSimair stories and comparing tan lines.  It was a great night, and really it wasn't a good bye night, just an excuse to seep out every last second to enjoy her European company.  I plan on seeing her everyday until she leaves and then keeping up with her via Skype while she continues her Masters in London. I will also continue to beg her to come here for Cmas!!!!

who couldn't love these boys!


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