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The last weekend of summer vacation

How did I spend my last weekend of summer bliss, you ask?  What did I do in the fleeting days before I had to start thinking about lesson plans and outcomes and professional development? Well we packed up, headed to Emerald Lake and set up camp with some great friends, that's what we did.

This weekend was planned way back in April when Jordan and I were only daydreaming of summer.  It was to be our first of many family getaways with our big group of friends.  Originally there were to be 6 families but the Golightlys just had a baby and stuff came up for the Pauls and the Johnsons, and despite the fact that it rained for 67% of the time, we made it out, we made it fun and we made some great memories together with the Hamiltons and the Gates.

What could have been a rainy, downer of a weekend turned out to be beautiful fun with people that I love as we desperately tried to cling to every last bit of the sweet nectar of this wonderful summer. Our kids bonded over mud puddles, pee holes, football, baseball, bikes and tantrums while the adults bonded over beergaritas, great food, an always cozy fire and the never-ending amusing stories.

I really hope this is a tradition that continues and Jordan and I have already talked of reserving sites for this same weekend next year.  My highlights for this trip are seeing my kids LOVING camping, but especially seeing Lucia coming out of her quiet, shy shell.  She was EVERYWHERE, talking to EVERYONE and I loved that.

and summer? I love you, too


  1. So well written, Deena. LOVED this post. I seriously am not going to even try and say it better than you tomorrow.


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