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Summer Reads 6 & 7


After I finished the 50 shades trilogy, I felt I needed some time off from reading. So I took a one week breather and focused on some other projects.  But then I got bored, missed my books and got right back into it.  In the past two weeks I've tackled the two books I wanted to read the most this summer by two of my favourite authors.
#1 was "The Next Best Thing".  Jennifer Weiner also wrote "Littlest Earthquakes" which is a must read if you are having a baby. I have reread that one a couple times.  "The Next Best Thing" didn't let me down, I was hooked through the whole story which centres around a writer who is trying to get her show to fly in Hollywood.  
#2 was another must read author, Emily Giffin.  Her first two books "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" are also on my reread many times shelf.  "Where We Belong", oddly enough, follows a writer who has a show in NYC, but the plot is different, focusing on her life when her 18 year daughter (she put her up for adoption and didn't tell anyone) shows up at her door.  I could not put this one down and I think it was my favourite out of the two, a book that mentions Saskatchewan 3 times is hard not to love.

With that, I've actually finished my summer read list, except for Divergent, which I'll take on next week. 


  1. Love those two authors too.. and divergent is by FAR my fave summer read - you will LOVE it!!!

  2. Divergent has a 2nd book out. . . Insurgent. Get reading! It is SOOOOO good. :-)

    I have been fixated on dystopia Young Adult fiction this summer. I have a few more you might like :-)

    The two you read are definitely two I would like to read. Those authors haven't let me down yet!


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