3 purple lies

So much info... so little space

I might as well finish off this week's series of random posts with yet another random post-because that is what the week felt like anyway.  Didn't know which way I was going half the time.

On Willis and Lucia's cute talk:

Me: Willis, you have a new cousin.  Her name is Adelyn.
Willis: Why isn't she called Bentley?
Me: Uh, because not every baby is named Bentley. *Bentlley is our friend, Alynne's baby
Willis: Hmmm. Adelyn.  Sounds like Adam Lind (Blue Jay). Hmmm. Except Adam Lind has an injury.  What part of his body is injured, Mom?

While running errands this week with Lucia, which she affectionately calls "Running Away", I walked in to Best Buy (who always has that greeter guy standing there) Anyway, I walked in, carrying Lucia who was lovingly patting my boobs saying: "Mommy, nice boobies."
Oy, talk about making an entrance.

Willis came home from Diane's yesterday with a very inquisitive look on his face.  Slowly and shyly he asks: "Mom, did it hurt when we came out your pee-pee?"  "Why did they cut Adelyn out of Aunty Kyla?"

On girl dates:

We all have our own way of dealing with things that upset us.  Dan lets out exaggerated sighs or ignores the problem.  Willis screams.  Lucia wants to cuddle. I go window shopping.  And if that isn't an option, I quickly make a date with my girlfriends.  Nothing feels better than a vent.  So this week we changed up our usual movie dates for movie theatre popcorn and show home looking.  I must say, I haven't had that much fun in a long time.  We chatted, we vented, we laughed, we goofed around and it felt so good for my soul that we even did it twice this week.  Next week is a girls supper- ordering in fiesta.  #pourmeacoldbeerandclam.

On tough stuff:

Yesterday was our day at the hospital with Lucia for her growth hormone stimulation testing.  It was to be a 4-6 hour day, no eating for her and many vials of blood tested.  We really weren't looking forward to it, but knew that it was something that would benefit her in the long run.  We didn't make it that far.  After 3 tries and 5 different professionals, they couldn't get an IV into her sweet little veins.  And let me tell you, she was not having them try once more.  In the end, they would need some sort of an ultrasound machine to locate the vein and it wouldn't be available until 30 mins later.  We opted out.  Instead we'll start over again in October, with the ultrasound machine booked and a refreshed little girl.  She really was a champ.  We celebrated her awesomeness with pancakes where she said was going to eat them all up!  So for now, we take a break from all this and just focus on the wonderful little girl she is.
Speaking of wonderful- she rocked daycare! That makes this mommy happy!

First day of daycare

The end.  Have a fabulous weekend!