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Once upon a time...

...I started dating this sweet, younger guy and we hit it off instantly. I knew that this would be for the long haul, he was so cute, how couldn't it be.  (If you haven't realized I'm talking about Dan, maybe you should take a breather and start your weekend a bit early? You need some rest) Living in separate cities we would make plans to spend every minute we could together.  A lot of this time was spent at our parents' places in P.A.

I remember going to his place and playing cards with his parents, baking pies, laying out on the trampoline and daydreaming about a life together.  One particular memory I have is of sitting in his basement rumpus room (READ: avoiding his ANNOYING brothers, bahahh), which was  packed with couches, antique tables, random photo albums and a computer among other things.  Maybe there was even a ping pong table??  It's crazy to imagine that room is now a gallery for their world class pottery.

ANYWAY, I'm rambling.

I remember sitting at the computer with Dan, playing with a program that let you build your own house.  We'd dream about decks off of bedrooms and square footage and trees.  At that point we weren't close to getting married, let alone engaged, but it was still a thrill to imagine that he possible could be my prince charming..

Well sure enough that dream came true and since we combined our lives, we've had: two houses, two kids, two dogs, one cat and now.....another dream is coming true: we're building our dream house. Granted, it won't be the masterpiece we put together 10 years ago on that old computer program (which I really wish we had saved somehow) but it will be our dream and our forever home.

A while back I mentioned the possibility of acreage living, well, that is where we're going.  In early 2013, the Simair family will be packing up and moving to a little piece of heaven 10 minutes east of Saskatoon in Mission Ridge on 5 acres of land. We went out there yesterday to stake out the house positioning and to daydream some more, we even met our neighbour and their dogs.  Interestingly enough they have a 5 year old girl.......oh geez.   It looks like the whole block is young families ranging from new born to 10 year olds, which makes me so thrilled for Willis and his future gaggle of friends.

Our build starts next with the dig and soon enough there will be colous and flooring and countertops galore to be choosing....and slowly and surely, I'll be introducing you to the house we designed (which, I might add is very difficult.  I have changed my mind WAY too many times and still continue too....)

For now, I'll leave you with a little something from our adventure yesterday.


  1. How exciting!! I can't wait to see the finished house! With your style and creativity, the house is bound to be fabulous!!


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