3 purple lies

Looking back.

Summer. Can it already be gone?   It feels like it was mere just days ago that I left school with a giddy look on my face, eagerly anticipating the gift of time with my children, in our home, out in nature.  I think only teachers really understand the necessity of a summer break (and perhaps parents too).  Kids need time away from the classroom, just like the teacher does.  And this teacher loved every minute of this summer.

Honestly, I can probably say that this summer was one of the best: the weather was perfect and we did so many things that make a summer beautiful.  The only thing that I really regret not doing was a road trip to B.C.  But otherwise, I really think I crossed so much off of my to do and my want list for the summer.

In terms of to-dos, my house has been purged twice and I think I've given away/ thrown away/ donated at least 2 trucks loads of stuff.  I've made batches of muffins and borscht to freeze, I've read as many books as I possibly can, but most importantly, I spent time with the people who matter in my life.  What I've realized over the summer, is that if I want to have a relationship with these people, then that requires commitment and time.  The only way for friendships to get better and stronger is for me to spend time creating the bonds and living the moments.
And that we did.
So in a sad adieu to summer (and I only say it's the end of summer because I have to wear work clothes and makeup and do my hair today) (really I know that we have a long, beautiful September ahead of us), here are my favourite pictures of some of my favourite moments.

So here's to:
strawberry picking

jumping in the pool
cute tan lines

provincial and city championships

Birthday parties

sister time

85th birthday photo shoots with great grandkids

Making new friends and saying good bye to them as well :(

exploring the outdoors

welcoming new family members

week long soccer camp where Willis spent most of his time wishing he was playing baseball (says me)

exciting new future plans

creating traditions with great friends

Stellabrations en francais

Batting cages

brother and sister bonding

Extra time bonding with Kinsey while Adelyn arrived

evenings so peaceful that even the dogs got cozy

Garden harvest galore

Fun en francais

cuddles with a newborn

a tough little girl who forgot about the horrendous IV experience the minute we mentioned pancakes

nights with great friends that make me feel young and alive

becoming campers!
Seriously a great time this summer and I am very grateful to have had this time with my children....now off to spending some time with my adolescent friends (thanks for the term, Janananana)  FYI, I'm actually quite excited to be reunited with my work posse.  Lunch time catch up, here we come!


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