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***Who gets sick in the summer? Yuck. I've spent the past two days sweating out a nasty cold, sans husband to listen to me whine.  I was happy to have him home last night to give me a breather but mostly because Josh and Val had to pick him up at the airport and brought me some chicken noodle soup.  I'm gonna miss her when she goes back to Londontown.

***Lucia insists on calling the dogs "cocobritney". She does not believe me when I tell her one is named Britney and the other Coco.  She also spent 15 minutes yesterday reading books to a giant bear whom Willis named Darryl.   I had told her "one more book" and she kept repeating it after every single book ( 8) that she brought over to him.

***My niece or nephew will be making his or her grande entry into the world any day now. Kyla is due on the 4th and is very....large. I don't know how she's handling it now- I'm giddy with impatience (spiking her tea with castor oil, giving her random foot massages and going for walks with her in the rain) (Those may be lies) (but I'm really tempted to do all of the above). She looks like she swallowed a torpedo shaped basketball.
Christy and Sara think that this looks like a girl belly- what do you think? What are your guesses on sex, size and birth date? Maybe the closest will even win something, like a torpedo shaped basketball. Or some castor oil.

***5 years ago today I was just as large as Kyla, but much more ogre-ish  and then my water broke and we dropped everything (including the amniotic fluid), rushing off to the hospital. We were so sure that Willis was going to make his appearance right then and there that we made Chris run home from the hospital (he had been at our house putting up doors with Dan). After a very long, long weekend, a little boy finally entered the world and swept us of my feet. Willis turns 5 on Monday- maybe he'll get an extra special present from Kyla this year. Kyla, August long was good for me- work on that one.

***I feel like the end of summer is sneakily and stealthily creeping up on me. I really need to get the move on  some of my summer projects.  This weekend's goal is to get all my old VHS' converted into digital files so I can start working on some video projects.  I should also really vacuum the back of my car from after the havoc reeked on it from our visit to the kennel and Dr. Simair- it looks like a giant fluffly white teddy bear rolled around in the back and decided to shed it's skin for the winter.  yuck.

Have a wonderful long weekend, I'll be back on Monday with a special tribute to my sweet little 5 year old.


  1. that's so cute - Lucia reading to Daryl!

  2. I definitely think it's a boy!!!


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