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When it rains...

...oh it pours and of course it has to be on my first day back at work that I end up drenched to the bone.  Metaphorically speaking.

Now first, I must say that generally, as a personal rule, I try not to make this blog a tool for venting- I have my friends for that. Today, however I feel I need to get my s$&@ storm Wednesday off my chest. Because now, writing this, I find it funny.  Wednesday, I did not.

All week I've been irritable. I admit to that.  Many factors could be to blame: the hormones? the back to work blues? the first day of school jitters? or maybe the pile of stress building up in my shoulder muscles.  Regardless, I haven't been myself this week.  So when I went to bed Tuesday night, I was hoping for a good night, a good rest and a good start to my school year.
And then it poured.  That little black cloud located me and continued to dump on me all day.

It all started with Lucia getting up to pee at midnight.  Perfect, she's not wetting her pull-ups any…

Looking back.

Summer. Can it already be gone?   It feels like it was mere just days ago that I left school with a giddy look on my face, eagerly anticipating the gift of time with my children, in our home, out in nature.  I think only teachers really understand the necessity of a summer break (and perhaps parents too).  Kids need time away from the classroom, just like the teacher does.  And this teacher loved every minute of this summer.

Honestly, I can probably say that this summer was one of the best: the weather was perfect and we did so many things that make a summer beautiful.  The only thing that I really regret not doing was a road trip to B.C.  But otherwise, I really think I crossed so much off of my to do and my want list for the summer.

In terms of to-dos, my house has been purged twice and I think I've given away/ thrown away/ donated at least 2 trucks loads of stuff.  I've made batches of muffins and borscht to freeze, I've read as many books as I possibly can, but most …

The last weekend of summer vacation

How did I spend my last weekend of summer bliss, you ask?  What did I do in the fleeting days before I had to start thinking about lesson plans and outcomes and professional development? Well we packed up, headed to Emerald Lake and set up camp with some great friends, that's what we did.

This weekend was planned way back in April when Jordan and I were only daydreaming of summer.  It was to be our first of many family getaways with our big group of friends.  Originally there were to be 6 families but the Golightlys just had a baby and stuff came up for the Pauls and the Johnsons, and despite the fact that it rained for 67% of the time, we made it out, we made it fun and we made some great memories together with the Hamiltons and the Gates.

What could have been a rainy, downer of a weekend turned out to be beautiful fun with people that I love as we desperately tried to cling to every last bit of the sweet nectar of this wonderful summer. Our kids bonded over mud puddles, pee h…

Once upon a time...

...I started dating this sweet, younger guy and we hit it off instantly. I knew that this would be for the long haul, he was so cute, how couldn't it be.  (If you haven't realized I'm talking about Dan, maybe you should take a breather and start your weekend a bit early? You need some rest) Living in separate cities we would make plans to spend every minute we could together.  A lot of this time was spent at our parents' places in P.A.

I remember going to his place and playing cards with his parents, baking pies, laying out on the trampoline and daydreaming about a life together.  One particular memory I have is of sitting in his basement rumpus room (READ: avoiding his ANNOYING brothers, bahahh), which was  packed with couches, antique tables, random photo albums and a computer among other things.  Maybe there was even a ping pong table??  It's crazy to imagine that room is now a gallery for their world class pottery.

ANYWAY, I'm rambling.

I remember sitting …

Summer Reads 6 & 7

After I finished the 50 shades trilogy, I felt I needed some time off from reading. So I took a one week breather and focused on some other projects.  But then I got bored, missed my books and got right back into it.  In the past two weeks I've tackled the two books I wanted to read the most this summer by two of my favourite authors. #1 was "The Next Best Thing".  Jennifer Weiner also wrote "Littlest Earthquakes" which is a must read if you are having a baby. I have reread that one a couple times.  "The Next Best Thing" didn't let me down, I was hooked through the whole story which centres around a writer who is trying to get her show to fly in Hollywood.   #2 was another must read author, Emily Giffin.  Her first two books "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" are also on my reread many times shelf.  "Where We Belong", oddly enough, follows a writer who has a show in NYC, but the plot is different, focusing on …

Oh, the madness.

When I think of signature moves growing up, I definitely held the title of most stairs stomped and doors slammed.  My brother was maybe more of a Gameboy throwing and tantrum giving champ and Kyla, well, if looks or moods could kill......

We all have our own ways of dealing with our emotions and I have been learning over this summer how my little 5 year old is dealing with his.
Now, granted he is only 5 years old, I know he has a lot of growing up to do, but that isn't going to stop me from giving him a helping hand and some tools he can use when he is frustrated/angered/enraged.  When I think of qualities I want him to possess when he's a grown man, I think of characteristics like respectful, confidant, compassionate.  I don't want him to be throwing fits when he's 30 or being unable to deal with conflict or people.  So alas, I consulted with some friends and esteemed mommies to see what they are doing for their bambinos.

The first trick I tried was to model some too…

So much info... so little space

I might as well finish off this week's series of random posts with yet another random post-because that is what the week felt like anyway.  Didn't know which way I was going half the time.

On Willis and Lucia's cute talk:

Me: Willis, you have a new cousin.  Her name is Adelyn. Willis: Why isn't she called Bentley? Me: Uh, because not every baby is named Bentley. *Bentlley is our friend, Alynne's baby Willis: Hmmm. Adelyn.  Sounds like Adam Lind (Blue Jay). Hmmm. Except Adam Lind has an injury.  What part of his body is injured, Mom?
While running errands this week with Lucia, which she affectionately calls "Running Away", I walked in to Best Buy (who always has that greeter guy standing there) Anyway, I walked in, carrying Lucia who was lovingly patting my boobs saying: "Mommy, nice boobies." Oy, talk about making an entrance.
Willis came home from Diane's yesterday with a very inquisitive look on his face.  Slowly and shyly he asks: "M…


Tuesday felt like a little preview of the fall to come, which I must say is one of my favourite seasons right up there with spring, summer and winter.  I spent the day playing with the kids indoors, avoiding the chilly rain and crisp air.  All the day needed was a pumpkin spice latte and the smell of a pie baking in the oven to make it complete.  The roast chicken that I did up for supper was not too shabby though.

It was a dreary sort of day with some impending changes taking place.

***Lucia has her first morning of daycare today.  She has, up until now, been spoiled in the loving care of my sister, but obviously for brand new baby reasons, that won't be happening again this year.  So Lucia is off to the same day care as Willis and I know she'll love it because their day care provider is a gem.  I'm a little sad about this but also happy for her to gain some independence.  To celebrate cope with this day, I'm going to get my hair done.  Because that makes me smile an…

whirlwind of a weekend!

I had one of those weekend that could have used a clone of myself.  SO much happening.

Number one: we welcomed a new little girl into our world: Adelyn Dawn was born on Friday night after a very long day for Ky & Rob.  I must add that it was a very long day for me too, it's stressful waiting by the phone for that call that changes your world in such a wonderful way.  I was so excited to share the news with my friends that my texting skills were put to work!  An added bonus to the weekend was having Kinsey with us while they were in the hospital.  We got some serious Aunty/Kinsey bonding time in and I even got some cuddles (usually those are saved for Uncle Dan or Willis).  I can't wait to spend some more time snuggling with a fresh newborn!

Number two: My favourite Belge (do we say that in English? My favourite Belgian sounds weird. Like she should be a waffle. I like french better)  Anyway, Val and I took the kids to the Ex on Friday.  Way too hot. Way too busy.  But the …