3 purple lies

when the shit hits the fan.

This weekend was a roller coaster of a weekend.  Lots of good dosed equally with lots of bad.
On Friday, the computer crashed and a hard lesson was learned which had me losing a year's worth of photos, videos and everything else in between.  We have quite the setup to handle all the media I use and unfortunately it backfired.  It's a long story which leaves me without any files from July 2011 on.  Luckily I've uploaded the majority of my videos on Vimeo and I have pictures here and there on sites and thank heavens for this blog....it could have been a lot worse, I guess.
Silver lining, right?
My poor husband spent every minute this weekend stressing about it.  I could have cried.  I could have screamed. I definitely could have yelled obscenities at the world and took it out on the people around me.  But I'm a big girl, and I have perspective.  I know that he did everything he could, I know that we can't change what happened, so why would I make matters worse?  I don't want to be that person who spews their shit onto people for no reason.  So I smiled, gave him as many reassurances as I possibly could and then went shopping with my sister :)  I'm upset, but have made peace with the situation and am ready to recreate some memories and learn a much better way of storing my stuff.
This situation gave me plenty of time to reflect.  Corrupt files forced me to purge my digital storage while I was also doing that in the house.  Getting rid of the junk.  While I was pouting cleaning on Sunday, I started thinking about the other things I could purge in my life, things that I waste my time on...things like: facebook? stupid people? useless TV?  I'm sure I could make some changes in my life to improve its quality....
That was really all the bad and I'm happy that it happened on a weekend that had a whole bunch of good as well, because it helped to keep things in perspective.  I know that the relationships and the people I surround myself with are the most important thing in my life and are obviously the things that bring me the most joy.
On Friday we found out that Lucia's most recent tests came back normal (for skeletal dysplasia).  That was a huge sigh of relief for us as I think (I hope) it marks the last set of scary tests for our little girl.  Now we move on to Growth Hormone Stimulation Testing where they try to determine if something can be done with her hormones.  We'll see how that goes.  The test isn't actually until the middle of August, so I'm going to now relax and enjoy the rest of my summer....We also spent some great time with family, having drinks with the BrothersSimair (and Marina!) on Friday night and then a play date with the Golightly Fam on Saturday and we had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the Park family- a son for my cousin Lea and her husband Brenen.  Welcome to this crazy world, Sam!  Please back up your files when you get a computer, thankyouverymuch.

Life is good.  (even when the shit hits the fan)


  1. Deena, you handled this situation with so much grace and perspective. I am going to back up my files TODAY.


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