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I'll be the first to admit it: I'm getting lazy. But the odd thing is that I'm getting lazy in things that normally I'm uber-motivated to do: video edit, photowork, blog..... I guess sometimes my creative energy needs a holiday as well.
 So while I'm purging my house (which really comes down to unpacking boxes I haven't unpacked since we moved in in 2008...tsk tsk) and reading books (occupying most of my time) and playing ball (gotta get my speed up, I keep getting out on close calls. I guess it wouldn't help if I didn't trip over bases or hesitate when rounding second) I will relish in the moments my energy is being renewed and come back in full force.
And until then, you'll have to check out this super cute video of what my adorable children and sweet niece have been up to. They are learning tons this summer!

Have a fab weekend.


  1. love it. that was some fantastic singing!

  2. So adorable!! I was actually hoping for the ball video from Canwood - Fearturing you stellar base running and my excellent videotaping skills.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. All the kids are so cute - and so smart. You guys must be so proud!


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