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There are three things that are absolutely essential to my life: family, faith and friends. When faced with the joyful moments or the painful ones in life, those three remain my rock.

We continued on our journey of testings for Lucia this week with more x-rays. It has been a trying time, but once I have remembered that we are not alone- everything seems to come into perspective. I know that it doesn't matter what life hands us because we know love. Lucia will always be perfect in my eyes and I will love her unconditionally. Nothing can change that.
I fittingly ran into a colleague while Lucia and I were shopping at Lulu.  (and yes, I go shopping after I do something stressful because it makes me happy. Although I didn't intend on buying anything) This was right after we had done the x-rays and I was feeling extra delicate.  Anyway, I told her about our stressful morning and she, being a wise mother of beautiful teenage daughters, told me that there will always be something to worry about, and that all we can really do is to stay strong and pray.  This reminded me that when things seem out of my control, that I need to strengthen my faith and trust and be able to give things up to God.
We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength. -Philippians 4:13

I can also do anything with the support of my friends.
And to prove that- I thought I'd share some of the thoughtful and funny things happening on me iPhone.


  1. I LOVE how that beautiful picture of me got on your blog! hahahahaha!


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