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Summer vacation: Toronto

4 days in Toronto was perfect for us. So perfect that I wrote a super awesome post and then thought I saved it but it vanished. I suppose something had to go wrong eventually. It can't all be sunshine and lollipops like the past weekend.

So Toronto. Dan had to do some work there so we decided to pack up the kids and tag along, also to bring Willis to a Jays' game to celebrate his bday next week. The kids were great mini travellers, the outings were perfect (a visit to the ROM for a dinosaur thingy, a trip to the zoo which ended in a play at the splash park, a visit with Aunty Phyl and fam in oakville, and two Jays games). I even managed to sleep when Lucia slept and go to bed when the kids went to bed. I didn't even open a book once, gasp.

Our hotel was fantastic being just blocks from the Eaton's Centre and it had an outdoor/indoor pool which made it feel resorty for the crazy humid days. It was the Sheraton Centre on Queen. The Jays' games were my highlight. Willis and I went alone on Friday night and the kid was ALL over the game. He had his heart set on an Encarnacion shirt but was sad to find out they didn't make them...so he got a Lawrie instead. We both rocked our Bautista shirts to one game and Lawrie shirts to the other. Lucia even got into the game on Sunday, randomly shouting "-tista, home run!". Too cute.

Anyway, because I had just spent 30 mins composing a good post on this trip and don't feel like doing that again, I'll just have to leave you with the pictures and the knowledge that this one of our greatest trips. Any trip that starts on a Thursday at 4 am with kids excitedly yelling "airplane ride!" is destined for greatness, I would say!


  1. Wow! Blue is your colour! You look so good in it!

  2. So glad you had such an awesome trip!!!


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