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Summer reads

I can never remember books. Even weeks after I have devoured them- I still can't recall the details. Weird.  So I reread books and sometimes its like I have never read them and get to enjoy them all over again. Win-win for me, I say.
This summer I've decided that I'm going to document everything I read. In hopes that someday when I can't remember if I've read "Open House" and start reading it again (for the 10th time), I will just refer back to my list of books read.

So to start off my summer reading I quickly covered "Ender's Game".  I never thought I'd enjoy Sci-Fi and still can't say I'd jumped at a chance to read something of this genre, but I can say that I reallyliked it and chose to read over most activities at night because I couldn't put it down. My intentions for reading this book was twofold: Hugh and Dan both really enjoyed it, so I had to see what they were talking about and secondly, I plan on teaching it instead of Chrysalids in the fall.  I need a break from Chrysalids and I thought this may be a good replacement.
And it will be.
It was not so Sci-fi-y that this Chic-Lit lover was confused and it kept me intrigued enough that I think I'll even venture out to read the rest of the series sometime this summer.
But first I need a sci-fi break and shall venture into some historical fiction.
A re-read, of course!


  1. Ender's Game!!!! I am so pumped you liked it. Next you have to read Ender's Shadow. After that, we should talk about the rest of the series! I am psyched!


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