3 purple lies

Summer read 3 (and 4 and almost 5)

I'm kinda getting into the habit of publishing a new summer read each week because it's averaging me about 5 days to read a book.
I may start getting a head of myself.
Because I. Can't. Put. Down. 50shades.
So I hesitantly picked up (on ereader because I was embarassed) the latest must read, 50 shades of Grey.  I actually bought the trilogy with the intentions of reading the first and taking a break. Ya, not going to happen.
I quickly polished off the first two and am an hour or two away from finishing the third.  Good times.
Sooooo.....50 shades...... erotica...interesting.  Never thought I'd read such a book but I have to admit, it got me hooked.  It was comparable to how easily I fell in love with Edward or Jacob while reading Twilight; you enter this zone of fantasy which can be very exhilarating.  It made me remember what it was like when I first fell in love with Dan: that all consuming admiration and lust for someone and by reading it, it made me love my husband that much more. Okay, I'm blushing.
 I think the whole obsession with this book is not necessarily the steamy details but more so the desire for anyone to be loved incessantly and passionately; to be needed by someone.  The book isn't the best written novel I've read and I did get annoyed with the main character, Ana's non stop admiration for Grey, but whatever, it had me hooked and finishing the trilogy in  just over a week. The second and third books were almost better than the first because they added some mystery and intrigue to the sexy plot. So would I recommend it? Of course I would.
Interestingly, while I was reading my newest Chatelaine yesterday, I came across an article on trending steamy reads. Check it out here to see some of the new and older suggestions.

Now that I'm practically over 50 shades, I'm ready for something different and am either going to jump back into some sci-fi or a newly released chick-lit novel by one of my favourite authors.....

Have a fantastic weekend!