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Provincial champs

What a weekend!
It was our second year together as a team and we left Earl Grey, Sk with a Senior Fastball Championship under our belt. What a great feeling. Okay, it was more so a nerve wracking feeling, having played 2 extra inning ball games and another close one, but we did it.
We started our Saturday off with 2 mercied games, pummeling the competition.  My bat was on FIRE for those two games and it felt good.  We ended the round robin with a 2-1 record, losing our last game in the last inning to a Regina team.  It was a long game with a rain slash hail delay and it seemed to go on forever.  We also lost one of our most athletic players in the second game Saturday: Lou dislocated her shoulder tagging a runner out on a stellar throw to second. Poor Lou.....
Sunday was championship day with two extra inning games.  I wish my bat would have attended...hmph.
We played great as a team.  We came together.  We did what we needed to do, when we needed to do it.  Sometimes, anyway.  And after it was all said and done, we walked away with the win.

I was very proud to be a part of this team this weekend.  We were all leaders, we all made big plays.  We pushed ourselves to the limits...suffering 1 dislocated shoulder, 1 ankle contusion and 1 ball to the nose, We cheered and supported each other and didn't get down when things weren't going our way.  It was fantastic to see.

As per our old Ganza tradition, we spent a moment before the semi final and dedicated our game to someone special in our life.  I couldn't help but think about my former Shellbrook teammates and coaches.  They are a huge reason into why I'm still playing and have taught me everything I know.  They were the ones sending me texts and emails, honking their support and for me, this victory was theirs as well.  It was even more special in the 5th inning, when Kim pointed out a flock of geese flying over our heads.

What a great weekend.  Now back to nursing a VERY stiff and sore body. Oy, I can barely move today.


  1. and you had your cous on third! great job ladies!

  2. Yeah Deena and the entire Elite team!

  3. It was a fantastic weekend full of great people, awesome ball, lots of laughs and amazing memories!! I couldn't imagine doing it with any other group of girls. I am honoured to play with such a wonderful group of women of various ages who have talent, experience, dedication and desire.
    I can only hope that we are able to carry on some of the Ganza traditions and in turn be as successful and long lasting as they were. And although I am sure it meant a whole lot more to Nicole and Deena then it did to me...I got goosebumps when I noticed the geese flying in 'V' overhead I quickly shooted at Deena to look up. Those Ganza were watching out for their babies and the team new team that they have joined. Success was immenent.

    Although we have a few games left I am already chalking this up to a successful season and I look forward to the many years ahead of the Saskatoon Co-op Elite!


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