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Friday cute kidisms

While going for a drive one night, Dan had turned back in the car and was checking out Willis' legs, informing Willis that he was going to be hairy like his Uncle Rob, to which Lucia replies: me too!

Dan was reviewing french numbers with Willis one night before bed and he asked him what ten was in French.  Willis replies : ette.  Hmmmmmm.....Keep in mind that Willis' current favourite song is un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, violet, violet.  I think I must've learned that one myself in kindergarten.  So he has quickly caught on and sings it happily around the house and obviously he's thinking while he does it.

Over the weekend Willis and Lucia were playing in the playhouse and suddenly Willis started freaking out because there was a bug.  He HATES bugs.  Especially spiders.  He quickly pointed out the disgusting creature to Lucia, who was intrigued.  He then picks her up and she swats the nasty spider out of the house.
And that's what I call teamwork.

Willis was driving with Dan to drop the dogs off at the kennel.  Willis tells his dad that when he gets older, instead of sharing the car with the family, it will be his (congrats Willis - you just selected your beautiful 14 year old car you'll get on your 16th birthday!).  He then informs Dan that when they get older, both he and Lucia will have kids of their own.  Willis asks if he has to marry a girl or a boy to which Dan replies it's up to him.  Willis says "I think I'll marry a girl.  And we will have a baby boy.  I'll call him Dave."  Just a matter of fact.

And because I've ran out of stories, some cute pictures to end the week will have to do!


  1. Dave will be thrilled to hear that Willis wants to name his first born after him. It must be due to the recent valuable time spent playing hopscotch and finding Waldo!

    Your Kids are just the cutest!!


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