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The changing of routine

I am perfectly settled into a new routine and in only a week I feel like I have already accomplished so much and yet still have had ample time to relax. I have a feeling it's going to be a great summer.
My favourite part of the day is around 9 pm when I'm sitting outside, reading on the deck.  The sun slowly starts making its descent into the horizon and the sky is painted beautiful shades of orange, yellow and pink and there is a certain calm that seeps into my bones.  I light the patio lights, I listen to the birds sing their songs and occasionally a neighbour will be having a fire and I can enjoy the smell of summer.
It is truly a good life.
Our days are now much more laid back.
Coffee and blogging in the morning slowly makes its way into the afternoon and much time is spent playing in the sun. I think we've probably powered through 2 tubes of sunblock and 4 cans of bug spray already.
I love having the time at night to read books, watch shows and spend some time with my husband. I bake when I want to bake and I spend more time preparing hearty, healthy meals.  There is no excuse not to exercise so I've been enjoying my 5k runs, as long as I can jump in the pool after to cool off.
There is something to be said for balance and down time.  There is true merit in taking a break from life and slowing down the pace.  It gives room for perspective, peace and tranquility and sometimes that's all we need so we can come back at our responsibilities with passion, enthusiasm and drive.
Have a great day!


  1. nice.
    but your later posting time is changing my routine of reading this in the morning with my breakfast! ;)


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