3 purple lies

A daze of updates

I'm at that pivotal part of summer where all the days start to melt into one and at any given time I couldn't tell you the time, the month, date or day of the week.  It's a glorious feeling
This is also the first summer in the history of forEVER that I haven't had weddings or trips or anything filling up my weekends, except provincials for ball of course.  I gotta tell you, it's kinda liberating to know that we have absolutely nothing on our agenda for a long time.  This has made way for some serious family time, which was one of my biggest wishes (and needs).

Another family first for this summer is our lack of planning.  I'm a natural planner and need to be organized and know what we're doing.  This summer is not evident of that.  Every day our plans change as we try to narrow down some fun, out of the city, adventures.  We've thrown around Calgary, Toronto, Drumheller, the lake and a couple others.  We still haven't determined what will happen.  I don't even have Willis' 5th bday party planned which is crazy as I'm normally ready with invites out 3 weeks in advance.  Now that I don't have my photoshop or recent photos for that matter, I can't see anything happening soon. Who knows, maybe this will be the year that we don't do anything extravagant, which I'm fine with.

Because I like to think of myself as a silver lining type of gal, the one REALLY good thing that has come of this whole computer crash-age is the fact that my ENTIRE summer todo list has been obliterated.  My summer projects consisted of: organize photos, organize videos, make my grandma's tribute video, work on kelly's tribute video, make a ball video, transfer all VHS to DVD.  With Dan having to rebuild our computer, that will majorly be set on hold, if I even get to it this summer, I'll be amazed.  I guess that means more time for great books, movie dates with my husband and time with friends.

I guess I should update this...I started composing this on Sunday night of the weekend of technological shitkabobs.  Much has changed.
update 1: my brilliant husband, with the help of some equally brilliant gentlemen in my life, solved our computer shitshow dilemma and as soon as he moves all the files over to an external drive and wipes and rebuilds the computer, I'll be right back at my summer projects, having access to the glory of the previous year. So I guess my to-do list with be reborn.  But now I shall add some new items like: researching some good online storage for digital files and video file organization software.   Win-win if you ask me!
update 2: We have since Sunday determined our summer adventure.  And then when I looked at my calendar, I realized that the next three weekends are booked.  So much for a summer of nothing on the agenda.  But I'm not complaining, they are all awesome events.  This weekend is provincials for ball, next weekend we shall partake on our summer trip: Toronto.  Dan has to go work there anyway, so why not tag along with the kidlets.  We'll bring Willis and Lucia to a couple Jays game, which I think is a perfect bday gift for my little man.  I'd love to get to the zoo and see some family and maybe hit an H&M?? And then it's already August long and we'll be fishing for a couple days then heading back for a little bday celebration for our 5 year old.

So just like that, my summer is back on. Now if Mother Nature would just cooperate and bring on the sunshine.