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Summer vacation: Toronto

4 days in Toronto was perfect for us. So perfect that I wrote a super awesome post and then thought I saved it but it vanished. I suppose something had to go wrong eventually. It can't all be sunshine and lollipops like the past weekend.

So Toronto. Dan had to do some work there so we decided to pack up the kids and tag along, also to bring Willis to a Jays' game to celebrate his bday next week. The kids were great mini travellers, the outings were perfect (a visit to the ROM for a dinosaur thingy, a trip to the zoo which ended in a play at the splash park, a visit with Aunty Phyl and fam in oakville, and two Jays games). I even managed to sleep when Lucia slept and go to bed when the kids went to bed. I didn't even open a book once, gasp.

Our hotel was fantastic being just blocks from the Eaton's Centre and it had an outdoor/indoor pool which made it feel resorty for the crazy humid days. It was the Sheraton Centre on Queen. The Jays' games were my highlight…

Friday cute kidisms

While going for a drive one night, Dan had turned back in the car and was checking out Willis' legs, informing Willis that he was going to be hairy like his Uncle Rob, to which Lucia replies: me too!

Dan was reviewing french numbers with Willis one night before bed and he asked him what ten was in French.  Willis replies : ette.  Hmmmmmm.....Keep in mind that Willis' current favourite song is un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, violet, violet.  I think I must've learned that one myself in kindergarten.  So he has quickly caught on and sings it happily around the house and obviously he's thinking while he does it.

Over the weekend Willis and Lucia were playing in the playhouse and suddenly Willis started freaking out because there was a bug.  He HATES bugs.  Especially spiders.  He quickly pointed out the disgusting creature to Lucia, who was intrigued.  He then picks her up and she swats the nasty spider out of the house.
And that's what I call…

Ball park nostalgia

I've been thinking a lot over the past couple days about people:  people I've known, people who are in my life now....but mostly about the people who have made a huge impact in my life.  Obviously, given that we just finished a taxing weekend at provincials,  I'm thinking a lot about people I've met on the ball diamond and have instantly made a connection with.  
There are girls that I have got to know over first and third options, bunt signals and cutoff drills.  Names that come to mind are:  Kelly (who I played against growing up - damn McDowall rivals, and then played on the same team with in high school.  She didn't continue after high school but I imagine would have decided to take the good ol' game back up with my nagging if she was still with us- love you, Kel).
Other immediate friendships are Kerri, Jordan, Heidi, Lisa, Tanya, Chantelle, Nic...the list could go on of amazing women I met on the diamonds in Shellbrook.  I also start thinking about some of …

Provincial champs

What a weekend!
It was our second year together as a team and we left Earl Grey, Sk with a Senior Fastball Championship under our belt. What a great feeling. Okay, it was more so a nerve wracking feeling, having played 2 extra inning ball games and another close one, but we did it.
We started our Saturday off with 2 mercied games, pummeling the competition.  My bat was on FIRE for those two games and it felt good.  We ended the round robin with a 2-1 record, losing our last game in the last inning to a Regina team.  It was a long game with a rain slash hail delay and it seemed to go on forever.  We also lost one of our most athletic players in the second game Saturday: Lou dislocated her shoulder tagging a runner out on a stellar throw to second. Poor Lou.....
Sunday was championship day with two extra inning games.  I wish my bat would have attended...hmph.
We played great as a team.  We came together.  We did what we needed to do, when we needed to do it.  Sometimes, anyway.  And a…

Summer read 3 (and 4 and almost 5)

I'm kinda getting into the habit of publishing a new summer read each week because it's averaging me about 5 days to read a book.
I may start getting a head of myself.
Because I. Can't. Put. Down. 50shades.
So I hesitantly picked up (on ereader because I was embarassed) the latest must read, 50 shades of Grey.  I actually bought the trilogy with the intentions of reading the first and taking a break. Ya, not going to happen.
I quickly polished off the first two and am an hour or two away from finishing the third.  Good times.
Sooooo.....50 shades...... erotica...interesting.  Never thought I'd read such a book but I have to admit, it got me hooked.  It was comparable to how easily I fell in love with Edward or Jacob while reading Twilight; you enter this zone of fantasy which can be very exhilarating.  It made me remember what it was like when I first fell in love with Dan: that all consuming admiration and lust for someone and by reading it, it made me love my husba…

A daze of updates

I'm at that pivotal part of summer where all the days start to melt into one and at any given time I couldn't tell you the time, the month, date or day of the week.  It's a glorious feeling
This is also the first summer in the history of forEVER that I haven't had weddings or trips or anything filling up my weekends, except provincials for ball of course.  I gotta tell you, it's kinda liberating to know that we have absolutely nothing on our agenda for a long time.  This has made way for some serious family time, which was one of my biggest wishes (and needs).

Another family first for this summer is our lack of planning.  I'm a natural planner and need to be organized and know what we're doing.  This summer is not evident of that.  Every day our plans change as we try to narrow down some fun, out of the city, adventures.  We've thrown around Calgary, Toronto, Drumheller, the lake and a couple others.  We still haven't determined what will happen.  …

when the shit hits the fan.

This weekend was a roller coaster of a weekend.  Lots of good dosed equally with lots of bad.
On Friday, the computer crashed and a hard lesson was learned which had me losing a year's worth of photos, videos and everything else in between.  We have quite the setup to handle all the media I use and unfortunately it backfired.  It's a long story which leaves me without any files from July 2011 on.  Luckily I've uploaded the majority of my videos on Vimeo and I have pictures here and there on sites and thank heavens for this could have been a lot worse, I guess.
Silver lining, right?
My poor husband spent every minute this weekend stressing about it.  I could have cried.  I could have screamed. I definitely could have yelled obscenities at the world and took it out on the people around me.  But I'm a big girl, and I have perspective.  I know that he did everything he could, I know that we can't change what happened, so why would I make matters worse?  I…

what we've been up to....

I'll be the first to admit it: I'm getting lazy. But the odd thing is that I'm getting lazy in things that normally I'm uber-motivated to do: video edit, photowork, blog..... I guess sometimes my creative energy needs a holiday as well.
 So while I'm purging my house (which really comes down to unpacking boxes I haven't unpacked since we moved in in 2008...tsk tsk) and reading books (occupying most of my time) and playing ball (gotta get my speed up, I keep getting out on close calls. I guess it wouldn't help if I didn't trip over bases or hesitate when rounding second) I will relish in the moments my energy is being renewed and come back in full force.
And until then, you'll have to check out this super cute video of what my adorable children and sweet niece have been up to. They are learning tons this summer!

Have a fab weekend.

Summer Read 2

This past weekend I polished off my second read for the summer: Fortune's Rocks by Anita Shreve.  This is a novel I've read countless times (usually at the beginning of every summer) because of the fantastic job Shreve does at painting a picture of life in the early 20th century.  The protagonist,  Olympia is a 15 year old girl and just on the edge of being not a kid but not yet a woman.  Hey- isn't that a Britney song?  Anyway, she spends her summer at her family's cottage in Fortune's Rocks and experiences lust, love and all the good things in between.  Of course there is scandal and even some historical background to make you feel like you're just  a little bit smarter because you read this book. Or something like that.
It's a big book to get through but definitely worth your while if you feel like remembering what it felt like to fall in love for the first time.
When I was looking for images of the book cover for this post, I came across a couple page…

The changing of routine

I am perfectly settled into a new routine and in only a week I feel like I have already accomplished so much and yet still have had ample time to relax. I have a feeling it's going to be a great summer.
My favourite part of the day is around 9 pm when I'm sitting outside, reading on the deck.  The sun slowly starts making its descent into the horizon and the sky is painted beautiful shades of orange, yellow and pink and there is a certain calm that seeps into my bones.  I light the patio lights, I listen to the birds sing their songs and occasionally a neighbour will be having a fire and I can enjoy the smell of summer.
It is truly a good life.
Our days are now much more laid back.
Coffee and blogging in the morning slowly makes its way into the afternoon and much time is spent playing in the sun. I think we've probably powered through 2 tubes of sunblock and 4 cans of bug spray already.
I love having the time at night to read books, watch shows and spend some time with …

Summer reads

I can never remember books. Even weeks after I have devoured them- I still can't recall the details. Weird.  So I reread books and sometimes its like I have never read them and get to enjoy them all over again. Win-win for me, I say.
This summer I've decided that I'm going to document everything I read. In hopes that someday when I can't remember if I've read "Open House" and start reading it again (for the 10th time), I will just refer back to my list of books read.

So to start off my summer reading I quickly covered "Ender's Game".  I never thought I'd enjoy Sci-Fi and still can't say I'd jumped at a chance to read something of this genre, but I can say that I reallyliked it and chose to read over most activities at night because I couldn't put it down. My intentions for reading this book was twofold: Hugh and Dan both really enjoyed it, so I had to see what they were talking about and secondly, I plan on teaching it inst…

Texts from friends

There are three things that are absolutely essential to my life: family, faith and friends. When faced with the joyful moments or the painful ones in life, those three remain my rock.

We continued on our journey of testings for Lucia this week with more x-rays. It has been a trying time, but once I have remembered that we are not alone- everything seems to come into perspective. I know that it doesn't matter what life hands us because we know love. Lucia will always be perfect in my eyes and I will love her unconditionally. Nothing can change that.
I fittingly ran into a colleague while Lucia and I were shopping at Lulu.  (and yes, I go shopping after I do something stressful because it makes me happy. Although I didn't intend on buying anything) This was right after we had done the x-rays and I was feeling extra delicate.  Anyway, I told her about our stressful morning and she, being a wise mother of beautiful teenage daughters, told me that there will always be something t…