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The Willis

Yesterday Dan and I were beyond exhausted. Lucia had us up on Sunday night until 3 am, that little party animal. 4 hours sleep is never sufficient for me, so I was hurting. All. DAY. Long.
In hopes of saving time and energy, I was questioning the kids on what we should have for supper (secretly hoping they'd say something easy).  Lucia, the birthday girl, would normally have the choice as that's what we do on birthdays, but seeing that she's two and all she was wanting was "candy" (she also then proceeded to sing Happy to you), I decided maybe Willis could make the call.

With my fingers crossed behind my back, wishing he'd say something easy and quick and delicious, like Subway or A&W,  I asked: "Willis what do you think Lucia wants for supper? Should you go get her A&W?"
He thought this over for a couple minutes and then decided: "No, Mom, I'm trying to save my money."

hmmmm....I see Dan is getting through to him after all....

So sausages and perogies it was.....


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