Some early marking...

by - June 20, 2012

1. I love meetings. Fiction. I'm too ADHD for meetings. I hate sitting and talking. I want to DO.
2. I have never seen the movie Ghost Fact. Not even once. Someday, sure.
3. I paint my nails every Sunday night so they're fresh for the week. Fact-I also drink Red Wine.
4. I have 53 pairs of shoes in my collection.Fiction. More like 62.
5. I have never seen an episode of Seinfeld Fact. I barely even caught on to Friends when it was in, but once I got into it I loved it
6. I need to re-read books because I have a horrible memory. Fact. I'm currently rereading Open House  by Elizabeth Berg. I have no recollection reading this book probably 7 years ago. Can be fun but annoying as well.
7. I have already packed up my work clothes for the year, I'm that over it. Fact. See point one. So over it.  In fact, I'm trying to find a way to dress up Lulus for tomorrow.
8. I could eat sushi for every meal but thought it was gross the first time Annie introduced us to it in university. Fact. I had some last night and I'm going out with Jordan for sushi on Thursday.
9. I used to dress my brother up as a girl. Fact. Of course I did and if it wasn't late and I didn't have plans on getting up early for a run, I'd dig up a picture.
10. I have never been to Mexico.Fiction. Been there twice.

Jyl scored: 60%
...(kyla) scored: 70%
Christy: 70%
Jordan: 90% (but would have had 100% had she not officially changed her answer to #2
Mom: 100%!

Fun stuff!

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  1. Lulu's with a plain top (t-shirt or tank)and a jacket of sorts (jean or maybe beige one) and either a scarf or a long necklace and some nice earings and you are good to go. Slightly casual yet sophistocated enough for work.

    Also Lulu leggings with a tunic is also lovely. Can be dressed up with some jewlery and a sweater.

    I am guilty of doing both of these all the time!

  2. Seriously, WHAT WAS I THINKING. Even my little joke after had to do with that question being fiction. I am boiling it down to the fact I can't read.

    Way to go Mama Park!


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