What's up Wednesday

a shared love of photos.

I love photos.
Before the digital era, I had piles upon piles of photo albums (that I'm slowly converting to digital). Every great moment was carefully documented. See here for proof.
And then came the digital camera and now I have files upon files of photos.
I love looking at our old albums that mom has in her basement. I also love thieving some pictures to keep as keepsakes. Then I started thinking.....how am I to share these photos with my children? I'm sure they'll be just like me and want demand that their childhood be well documented.

So, for Lucia's first birthday I made her a photobook/diary. I told stories, I shared pictures and some of my favourite moments and reflections on our year with her. Now that we've celebrated her 2nd birthday, I also made her a photobook, but just scaled down a bit. Basically, it's some of my favourite pictures from the year. It'll be something that she can proudly hold on to, along with the videos, to prove to her children (if she so desires but she won't be dating until she's 30 at least) that she was quite cute.

 So to wrap up the week that finds us celebrating the photogenetic cute Lucia Kelly Simair and remembering with great love the photogenetic and also photoenthusiast Kelly Smith (who had just as many photo albums as I did, if not more..)

I thought it would be fitting to share with you a couple of things that Lucia received this week and a special book that I made for Alison and myself on our 30th bdays.

Kyla made this genius alphabet book for la Lucia

Click here to view this photo book larger

Have a fantastic weekend!