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Lucia is 2

Today we celebrate two years of loving Lucia, which seems strange to say that it has only been that long when it feels like forever she's been in our lives.  Along with the gift of children, comes the gift of unconditional love, of forever having a piece of your heart walking around before you, of experiencing fear, heartaches, joy and complete bliss sometimes all in the same day.
Lucia, you are a blessing in our lives and have enriched the world that we know.
Happy 2nd bday, sweetheart!


  1. Deena,

    That is a beautiful video that I am sure your daughter will enjoy watching for years to come!

  2. Love it Deena!! Happy Birthday Lucia! Love the Bell family!

  3. As always, fantastic job on the video :)! You're so talented Deena. Happy Birthday to Lucia, looks like you had a nice party for her.

  4. Blargh! I was going to type the exact same thing as Meagan! I will anyways...."As always, an awesome job on the video, Deena!" And a very happy birthday to Miss Lucia!!!


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