3 purple lies

A little math for you

Deena+ exhaustion = grouch = unable to hold a conversation let alone blog. Deena + beer= slightly more relaxed- the apparent fatigue caused by onslaught of ball games in heat x minutes spent sprinting after balls (or legging out in the park home runs- the time I slipped over first and fell but still managed to make it into a home run) = a lot of fun, yes, but sleep must now come first/ but really beer does.
So I'll have my beer.
How about you look at the photos instead of a lovely lively weekend.


  1. I read the title and thought you were speaking directly to me! hahaha! Great math :-)

  2. What a big boy Willis is becoming! Both exciting and scary at the same time. I love how you get to do everything 'first' and I can learn from your experience!


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