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I had intentions of blogging from my laptop in NY, but when I went to turn it out, I found that my power cord was broken. Stupid security and luggage handlers.  So I had to do quick blogs from my phone- so annoying.
A couple extra things that I neglected to include:
1- We had MANY celebrity sightings on this trip.  Our list includes: Marlo Thomas (mom was super pumped about this one..Kyla and I had no clue who she was until she informed me she was Rachel's mom on Friends), some top 10 contestant from American Idol. Asian. Guy. I don't watch that show, so again it was mom being giddy. And lastly, my favourite, Troy (Donald Glover) from Community.... he was actually on our flight and I locked eyes with him.  I wish I would have been on the ball instead of awestruck and sung: "Troy and Ahbed in the moooorning".  

2- I did manage to take some video and will be working on a compilation to hopefully debut on Friday's blog.  But I'm also battling a pile of corrections that I neglected, a 2nd birthday party to prepare and some major quality time with my kids.  We'll see what happens. Oh, and our school flooded because of a water main break...so things are kinda interesting there. If I wanted to get ahead with my corrections, I couldn't even do that because we're not allowed in the school. Urg.

I'll leave you with a cute email I got from Dan whilst I was out gallivanting.

Last night was rough.  Worked late again and Willis’ sheets weren’t out of the dryer yet, so I put him to bed in our room.  As he goes to bed he tells me “Don’t worry dad, if I have to pee I’ll wake myself up and go to the bathroom.”  Around 11 I take him to the washroom and move him to his bed anyway.  Around 12:30 he wets his bed.  I’m heading to bed anyway at that point, so I switch him to our bed after another bathroom stop.  Around 3 I wake up.  No Willis.  I look around the house – he had gone downstairs, got the big orange blanket, brought it up to his room and was sleeping with it on his pile of teddies.  Cute.  Then this morning Lucia wakes up just after six – I go to bring her to our bed to try to sleep a bit more.  Then I see the big pee spot where Willis had been.  Yeesh.   
But things got cute pretty quick this morning…

Took the kids out very early to let the rest of the house sleep.  Made a bunch of errand stops, and I ask “where to next?”.  Lucia throws up her hands in the air and yells “Shopping!”. 

Then we went to Tim’s for breakfast (“Hortons!” according to Lucia – she’s on a roll this morning).  Pretty empty at that hour, yet Willis walks up to a table of police officers and tries to pull up a chair.  Odd, but they laugh.  We get the table right beside them.

At breakfast, I tell Willis we forgot Grandpa’s birthday.  He puts down his breakfast sandwich mid bite.  Thinks for 15 seconds and says “Dad.  This is very bad.”  Thinks another 15 seconds.  “We better make Grandpa a pink birthday cake.”  I guess that makes it extra special or something.

We called Grandpa when we got home from shopping around 9.  Willis sang him happy birthday, Lucia said hi.  We’re going to make a trip to PA tomorrow to bring him his birthday cake.

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