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June 14. That Day.

Dear Kelly,
I need to start by saying that I miss you every single day and that eleven years (today) have been far too long to have you absent from our lives. That being said, I have also spent 11 years remembering you, honouring you, but mostly desperately wishing you were still here.

There are so many moments that I've wanted to share with you because only you would understand how freaking hilarious or ironic they were.
There are so many times when I have wanted to call you, just to hear your voice.  That laughter.  That smile that could radiate even through a phone.

But in reality, we are left with only the memories, so I turn to the letters you wrote me, carefully tracing the words that your hands penned, which are so distinctly yours.  I open up my folder of pictures on the computer that I have been adding to gradually, or I look through the photo albums, soaking up the volumes you could write on the back of the smallest of photos.  I put in my VHS memories just so I can see the high school version of the friend that we all so loved.   Sadly, some of my memories are starting to turn fuzzy, but fortunately Alison is a quick text away and we can usually piece together certain moments that are frozen in time.

You are so missed.  You are thought about every day.  My children know who you are and why Mommy has a special angel.  Lucia will someday understand the importance of her middle name.
You will never be forgotten.
I miss you, my friend.


  1. Beautiful post, Deena. I am going to find a random act of kindness to do in memory of Kelly today. Love you.

  2. THANK-YOU, Deena...from the depths of my heart! Love you,

  3. Such a beautiful post Deena! It is crazy how those pictures bring back such vivid wonderful memories! She was soooooo beautiful....inside and out! Miss her everyday and feel her presence so strong today. Love you Kelly! Thanks sooooo much for bringing a smile to my face with this wonderful post Deena! Love ya!

    Ali Bell

  4. Hi Deena - this is beautiful and so sad. Thinking of you girls. Alicia


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