What's up Wednesday

it's so near....

one week of work left......
Summer is so close, I can almost touch it.
It feels like soft grass beneath bare feet and warm sun on the body.
It smells like freshly mowed lawn, ripe nectarines and 5 minutes after a rain shower.
It sounds like Willis and Lucia giggling as they play in the pool and crickets chirping into the night as I read until dusk on the patio.
It tastes like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, crumbled on ice cream, topped with nectarines and a nice cold Corona.
It looks like everything my heart, soul and body have been yearning for all year: relaxation, time with my family and peace.

Bring it on, summer...I'm waiting.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Fabulous imagery in this post, Deena. I agree. Bring. It. On.


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