In a New York state of mind.


In the majority of special events in life I like to take some time to reflect.  I find it to be a useful tool for me in examining the good points, to help me learn from the bad but mostly to fully appreciate the experience that I was given. 
My recent New York trip was like none other; it was quality time spent with my mom and sister while enjoying a wonderful city that is different every time I visit it. 
I would encourage you to take a chance on New York. It is surprisingly clean, friendly and easy to navigate and now that I've been there a couple times, I'm becoming even more efficient at managing my time while visiting. I really don't think this will be my last trip to New York because I usually start craving it every couple of years. There's something about that city that gets me every time...... Here are some of my favourite pics and a quick video, documenting our adventures. Have a most wonderful weekend!  
New York from Dee on Vimeo.

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