3 purple lies

the first of many days

Willis had his kindergarten orientation yesterday. I may have teared up. More than once.
Willis may have as well.  But only because the big kids came.
We had a special day planned for him: a lunch date with mom and dad.  Dad let him choose the restaurant.  He specified he wanted chicken fingers from the restaurant with the train that has no wheels. Interesting.
On the way to SFS, Willis and I were having a good chat in the car about his daddy.  I said something along the lines of Dad being pretty smart.  He slyly replied with ya, he's pretty.
I agree.
The afternoon in kindergarten went pretty well. He had learned earlier in the day how to address his teacher and was pretty pumped.  He also felt the need to inform EVERYONE he encountered that it was his first day of kindergarten.
He did well until the big kids came (care partners), and I saw him being brought into the gym with his teacher, trying to hold back tears.  He wanted his mommy to come with him.
So Dan sat through the meeting and I brought him around.  He eventually got rid of his shyness and was ripping around, being a friendly little boy.  I think he mostly loved the bus ride.
What a cutie.


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